The crowd is going wild!

The crowd is going wild!

Victory is mine! Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning has brought in another cake! I stand atop holding Vimto aloft In my glory! Lieutenant poppypug (ents div) is on her knees in thanks to all that she doesn't have to do this again! The pugs have done a runner cos they were sick of being in the saddlebags! Even the pinto and the steed are eating the cake! Immortality is mine!


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  • Congratulations, enjoy that cake you've earnt it

  • Appalled to say I enjoyed (past tense) the cake very much. Thanks for your help all along the way - it has meant a lot to me.

  • I (sniffff) I (blub, blub, blub) I am just (gloopy nasal sound - sorry) I am just over ( loud howls) come with ( can someone pass me a tartan trolley flag to wipe my nose) emotion. I (hysterical weeping) am just so happy for you sire. I have (sob, sob, sob, sniff) no words. When I have recovered I may be back for cake. P.S. There's another post about shapes that I don't understand. Is this because I use a laptop or have I missed something altogether?

  • Major Waletta (yes Major - you've been with me since the beginning) thank you so much for all your help and support. Do I have to continue or can I just sit back and cast Laura aside forever? The circle thing? It said 'press this button' on the HU site so I did and my square changed shape. Have I been selected for further unknown torture? May have to go undercover.

  • Can't talk (sob, sob, sob, Blub ,blub, blub) So happy. Dozzer's there. Now all I need do is stop pronouncing it as Dosser. It's open to so much misinterpretation. Off to press the button now. Glad my name isn't Barak or we could all be in big trouble. You have to continue with or without bluey but maybe we need a new theme.

  • There is a possibility my cover has been broken. I may have to do an unexpected Dr Who at any time.

  • So you're going to regenerate then?

  • I may have to, just to stop you calling me dosser.

  • Legendary, just legendary! There's some serious cake appreciation going on in that photo. Congratulations Sir Dozzer, CinC and GRADUATE. *wipes away a tear and raises large glass of Vimto* :)

  • Do you reckon in two hundred years they'll still talk about the day dozzer crossed the time zone? I could become a legend!

  • Definitely. Let's face it, they're still talking about Achilles and his heel and that was donkey's years ago. Dozzer and his trolley could well be on the national curriculum in 2214 :)

  • Very true! Think how my descendants would feel, being able to say, yes, dozzer, he was my great great great great great uncle. A true great in every sense of the word.

  • They could have the trolley stuffed and mounted on a plaque on the wall

  • Ha ha yes ! Like those blue heritage plaques , or whatever it is theyre called :-) xxx

  • What a good idea!

  • Yeah , fab idea , why not ? :-)

  • What a good idea!

  • Okay , 2 plaques ha ha, have you got hiccups Dozz ? :-) xxx

  • One at HQ, one in the mess tent for target practice with the Vimto super soaker.

  • Ah yes of course ! Good idea ! :-) xxx

  • I nicked it from the bins behind Poundland. The trigger was broken but I stuck it back together with grandad's duct tape.

  • Im always hanging out round there too :-) I got a pair of tights with 3 legs, so maybe that is not technically a pair, more a trio :-) xxx

  • Herr Kommandant thwarted again by the immenseness they call "Dozzer"...

    Top banana.

  • I reckon today I could even achieve success with the Do or Die 3 card! What a game!

  • I may need to regenerate; I think my cover is blown!

  • Hey Dozz, Congratulations, my friend ! You did it Crazy Legs, and I am soooooooooo proud of you ! :-)

    Although in our minds, you graduated on Thursday, I just want to say a massive respect to you for doing the Week 9 Run 3 again, that , to me says what an amazing, very special person you are and I do admire your determination.

    Well Dozz, it has been a real pleasure following your progress on here, when I first saw your posts, you used to get only 3 or 4 replies, 2 of them would be asking if you were on the wrong forum and the others asking if they could be pregnant ha ha :-) Look at the number of replies now Dozz , 70, 80 , one post you got 100 replies ! I think that is a very good indication of how popular you are here don't you ? :-) I really hope that doesn't come across as being patronising, cos it couldn't be further from the truth.

    Hey, that cake looks amazing ! Look at my Pinto , I will have to take him on a long run tomorrow that's for sure :-)

    Well done Dozzer, OUR LEADER, KING AMONGST MEN, GRADUATE :-) xxx

  • (M&S gluten free) We'd eaten all of Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning's.

    May need to regenerate soon - think cover is blown!

  • Hurrah and huzzah! I hope the cakes was thoroughly laced with alcohol. In fact, popping it in a bowl of punch first would have been ideal

  • Second Lieutenant I_will, the cake would have gone up in flames if you'd lit a match at twenty places!

  • I'm thoroughly delighted to hear it........sir

  • I am cracking open the cream soda in celebration! What a mighty fine second graduation and the Graduate badge is a miniscule token of your excellent victory. That cake looks divine! Of course the crowd are going wild... good job I had the foresight to erect the barriers! Dozzer, Sir, you are a legend!

  • The barriers were a good idea. At one point the St John's Ambulance staff had to be called in because some of the crowd were getting over-excited. Sterling work NCO Treemouse!

  • I love tnat picgure Doz! It really made me laugh! Ta.

    It's been a blast!

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