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Can I have my badge???

in my last post I wrote running 4.60k in 30mins, that's not entirely true because that includes warm up walk and cool down so not that good! What do I do to get my badge??? I've loved the c25k and am starting yoga tomorrow as although I must be alot fitter than when I started I'm not at all flexible so hopefully yoga will help.

I'm also waiting for the much needed weightloss😡 hopefully this will come as I gain speed and cover more distance fingers crossed 😊

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Congratulations. To get your badge go to the pinned posts on the right hand side and look for the June graduation list and add your name.

It is of no consequence what distance you ran so long as you completed 3x30 mins. It is not clear from what you say what distance you covered in 30 minutes. Most of us only start tracking our runs when we actually start running, otherwise it is difficult to extract meaningful info from the recorded times.

Don't worry about comparing your distance or speed, just congratulate yourself on your achievement and stick with it to consolidate and create the running habit as part of your life.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Arrh thank you for your lovely reply and I will keep running and smiling xx😊


Wow, well done! You have done it! This running for 30 mins thing is a real achievement. I have done my first one tonight, and it is not easy. Here's to joining you as a Grad on Friday. Take pride!


Thankyou so much its a big achievement for me, I couldn't run for 60 secs a few months ago and now I love it😊 Good luck 🍀 for Fridays run 🏃 you can do it❤


Congratulations! I am sure yoga will be an excellent complement to the running. What type of yoga are you doing?


Not really sure what type of yoga, its a class at local leisure centre and it says "all levels". Unfortunately I've woke up this morn feeling rubbish with cold so gonna put off till next week, haha great start! I'll let you know how I get on next week. Xx


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