Sympathy needed - injury/sickness couch :-(

As the title suggests I am currently on the sickness couch with tonsilitis and the injury couch with an unknown excruciating pain in my left calf when I run. It's only really after I run the actual running is fine, so I've been resting for this whole week but I'm miserable :-( I just want to feel better and get out running again for that feel good factor afterwards as well as the challenge! Hugs needed please

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  • really sorry to hear you have Tonsilitis, that is so painful :( really hope you are better soon :)

  • I forgot to mention I'm working a 70 hour night shift :-( thanks slow rob I'm really looking forward to feeling better soon!

  • Oh poor you...have cold and sore throat myself so can sympathise! I have n't been out for 3 days..getting withdrawal and feel guilty! rest up and get don't want to make the injury worse!

  • Hugs xxx get well soon.

  • Ugh, tonsillitis - I had my tonsils removed when I was 4 so don't really remember what it's like, but I know it's nasty. Rest and take care of yourself!

    Sounds like you've got a bit of a calf strain - again rest is the best thing, and some self-massage (ooer!) - if you don't have a foam roller, try rolling a rolling pin on the muscle, or tennis ball. Patience... you'll be back out there again soon. Get well soon **hugs**

  • A big hug for you, I understand about all about tonsillitis as a suffer and I have been admitted to hospital a few times as a result. Try to stay hydrated and don't worry you will be back in no time. Treat yourself to running magazine and get better soon!

  • I feel infinitely worse today and there's no doctors appointments. My ear feels like it's literally on fire and I can't swallow just spitting into a cup. Can anyone please come and do my work for me, massage me, feed me and make everything go away. That would be very nice !

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