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What a disaster!

So, I had completed w7r2 and went on holiday for 2 weeks. Yes I took my running gear and no, I didn't run. There was nowhere safe to run and where was remotely safe was cliff paths and I can't do inclines let alone run up the side of a steep cliff. I was disappointed to say the least, especially when a seasoned runner came back and said bu**er that, it's a killer running anywhere here!

So today, now I am back home, I thought I would go out and start running again. I knew I wouldn't be able to do what I did and would have lost some fitness but I was hoping I would manage most of the 25min run. I set off and instantly found it a struggle. I managed to the half way point before slowing to a walk. I recovered then thought I would run the rest but I couldn't so ended up running a bit then walking a bit. I tried to keep the walking to a minimum but my legs were lead and wouldn't move and I couldn't breath.

Not sure where to go from here, to keep trying the week 7 run until I can do it, or drop back a week and do week 6. What do you folks think?



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I'm sort of in a similar position ...or at least will be when I get home...I'm in Cornwall and have run 3 times but struggled every single time...the hills kill me! I was on week 7 run 1 when I arrived on 7th and have done run 2,3 and tried week 8 run 1... That was awful, but I came home and was very poorly, so I think I had a bug of some sort...or too much sun the day before...

Anyway sorry to waffle...but I can't add any advice because I'm in a similar place but thought I'd reply and say you're not the only one to be struggling after a holiday 😊


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Thanks hun, it's good to know I'm not going through this alone ;-)

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Hi S, oh that must have been a bit disappointing, but at least you got a lovely holiday! :-)

Totally up to you, no harm repeating week 6 again if you need to. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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Hi Sezza

Why are we so hard on ourselves. Just think where you are in comparison to when you came back from last years holiday.

You still went out there and gave it a go. That fitness will return quickly I'm sure.

Do what feels right for you.

Keep going 😘

Jules xx


Yeah the fitness will definitely return quickly - I think the rule of thumb is that you don't lose any gains for a couple of weeks (which is why its not a problem to almost a week off as a taper before a marathon, etc.), so you should be back to where you were before you know it.

What I always do is this:

1 - enjoy holiday - it's good for your body to have a rest to help it adjust to your new running self

2 - first run back, just take it easy - run with the target in mind, but don't stress about it - just see what happens.

3 - use the knowledge of how you got on to plan back to where you were at. So if you want to run 25 minutes but can only do 12, I'd probably do 15 next run, then 18, then 21, then you are back on track, continue from where you were before.

Even when you complete the plan, you have this kind of situation - for me I need to build up time over a couple of runs from a longer rest.

I think the key is - try not to stress about it, because then you can set yourself up to fail. Embrace the run as before, see what you CAN do. I'm sure you will surprise yourself if you do


Thank you all,

I feel so much better that this is normal and confident it won't take me long to get back into it.

I love this group

Have a great day everyone ;-)


Spot on Andrew. No stress, no sweat. Just enjoy a leisurely jog to feel your way back into things. Once you get back off holiday and get back to your normal food and routine you'll feel better.

I have just got back from hols and I didn't do any running either because of injury. I thought I could do it, and planned a fabulous route, but I am still nursing an injury so couldn't run. My husband and I walked it instead. It was fabulous and we really enjoyed it, so not a complete loss

You have to take the positives

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