What a disaster

Just had a nightmare run. Week 7 run 2. I could only run for 11 mins then had to walk for a minute before running for a further 10 mins and then that was it I couldn't run any more. I was so hot thought I was going to expire. Should I start again? I have completed week 7 run 1 earlier this week but today it felt like a run to far. Have I left it too long in between runs? Thanks for any advice.


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10 Replies

  • Well done for getting out there. I didn't feel I was up to my Week 6 Run 3 but managed it today slowly as it felt very humid here in London. Maybe slowing down a bit might stop the tiredness. Heat is really tiring for me too and I think you have to adapt your speed to the temperature at least initially. Also it is still early days to be continuously running and maybe this is just an off day and next time it will feel okay. I am intrepid about Week 7 and am prepared to fail initially but with the expectation that I'll get there in the end. I think you've probably had an off day and it happens to all of us at some point. I've left more time between runs for various reasons and I still managed to carry on to the next stage. So pat yourself on the back for giving it a go.Good luck with the next one.

  • Thanks for your really encouraging advise.It was pretty warm up here today and I think my mind wasn't on the job somehow I didn't think I would complete it . Anyway I am determined to get out there and give it another go. Thanks again

  • Rest up.. take an extra rest day if needed. The runs are getting longer.. are you upping your strength and stamina exercise on rest days too. You need to keep up with your legs :)

    When rested.. set out again on the run and start slow..then slow down more. Relax and breathe gently and try to feel the running legs carrying you on.

    Then... just enjoy.... try and think how far you have come and begin to feel your happy pace.

  • Thanks for your advice I think I will try that next time and perhaps run when it is a bit cooler. Thanks again👍

  • Very well done for getting to W7 ... don't forget how far you've come and what you've achieved.

    We all have runs that don't go too well but remember every run adds to your running experience. Take an extra rest day if you feel your body needs it then get your running shoes on and set off very very slowly, speed and distance do not matter just keep your legs going until your coach tells you to stop ... simples! If possible change your route.

    W7r2 here we come, you can do it!

    Good luck ... keep smiling, keep running!

  • Thanks for your reply I am definitely going to try again. I will run on a not so hilly route next time and when it is cooler- fingers crossed👍

  • W7 R2 was my nightmare run too! I was overconfident by this stage and so badly wanted to run faster and I did, but oh my! By the end my breathing was ragged, my temperature stratospheric, heart pumping, legs like jelly and I had to pause a few moments before the cool down walk 😳! The disaster runs (and we all get them!) are just another way of learning how to run. Don't be downhearted. Rest up, keep hydrated and make sure you run at a pace (slow!) that allows you to breathe easily & doesn't make your heart race. I can cope with getting hot if breathing, heart & legs are okay. Good luck & stick with the programme 👍.

  • Go. Slow. And. Steady. Always. ;)

  • I've had a disaster of a week - felt as though someone took my batteries out twice now when I was out waddling. Fingers crossed this afternoon's run will be more Duracell Bunny and less Wurzel Gummige

  • We all seem to get one of these, so don't fret too much about it. It's added experience, more kms and minutes to your running bank. Maybe take an extra days rest, I know I would have benefitted from doing that in the latter part of the programme. It won't hurt at all. Good luck next time out

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