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Oooo...really bad run!

Well I never did!! Yesterday went out to do my 'long run' (currently trying to build up to a 10k) and low and behold 1.5km in I felt like c**p! Out of breath, no get up and go in the old legs and head totally confused! I STRUGGLED on for the next 2km and then threw in the towel and walked the rest of the distance (another 3km) with a scowl on my face. I threw my toys out of the pram a bit when I got home. Had a cup of tea and two chocolate biscuits to cheer me up (although they didn't) and proceeded to spend the rest of the day as a grumpy old woman.

Thought for the day...when I try it again next time it can't get much worse so it is going to be a good run right?! :)

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I am sure it will get better next time! If it's any consolation, I found my run yesterday really hard too. Had plotted a 6.5k route (went with husband in the car to a client and ran back from there), and I struggled nearly all through apart from a bit near the end when it was flat and downhill. Wasn't going particularly fast either. I think it was possibly due to the weather - it was very humid here, maybe that affected you too?


It happens to us all, I had two bad runs last week, I almost felt like giving husband would kill me after the amount I've spent on shoes and Garmins lol! Yesterday I did the Speed podcast, short and sweet and guaranteed to get me my runners high. Next run choose something that does it for you, your fave route, or something you really like, and make it achievable. Don't go for PBs or anything just have a nice run. XX


Speed podcast is great like that isn't it? I also like it because it's short, so easy to fit in and I tell myself that it will improve my performance and it's therefore excellent "value". I think I need to do stamina again next as I really feel that my stamina just isn't good enough. Strange how quickly one or two bad runs can knock confidence - that feeling of "I just can't do it" seems to come back a bit too quickly for my liking....


...and remember a bad run is always better than no run - every step makes you a little bit stronger.

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AHS took the words out of my mouth: better a bad run than no run (I'm in the "no run" category at the moment - no time, so I'm reading everyone else's posts to run by proxy). There are bad runs, so just take them in your stride (ha ha). That's the way the cookie crumbles; it'll be better next time.


Never give up on a run. Just WALK til you have restored your breathing to normal, then jog on. I always do that and have found it's the sure fire way to finish the run. I might have to do it several times but that's FINE. That's how we get to the end of the run. Do whatever it takes but don't quit. It makes you feel like poo (as you've found) and drives you to eat choccy bics and get depressed. Not good. So next time, take some good tunes and go and have fun. I take Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k podcasts out with me always, and the inspirational tunes make me laugh, and make sure I get round.

Good luck with the next one. Chin up Reidy!!!!!!


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