bad knees from week one

Finished week1 run3 and when i went out this morning my knees where killing me but i made it threw it,but it was more like a shuffle/trott and not by any means a jog and now i can hardly walk at all.So my question is since tomorrow is my day off would it be okay to skip Sunday as well if i am not better or should i just push threw it and man up to the pain and try my first run for week2.I am afraid if i skip i will fall behind and struggle more with my first run in week2 but i am also afraid if i don't take the weekend off i will hurt my self more.


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8 Replies

  • Yes, take two days off if your knees are sore. Have you had you gait analysed? You are a big chap and like many of us therefore are likely to overpronate. If you don't have enough support from your shoes you knees will hurt. Mine were sore, hot and slightly swollen until week three when I got a pair of shoes that supported my arches and magically knee issues went. You should be very proud of your journey so far - that takes guts. Keep blogging. Any bears to make you run faster??!!

  • no i have not had my gait analysed yet was going to hold off on that till i was sure this was something i could do and was sticking to.No bears at the park just folks watching me trot along for a few then huff and puff for air for 90 seconds as i walk :).Thanks for your response and pat on the back RhonaL.

  • don't run through pain. Take two days off and check out supportive shoes. Running is supposed to be enjoyable- there's no need to hurt! :) Take painkillers on your rest days if necessary. Get well soon :)

  • Thank you happierswimming i think that is what i will do.

  • Hi Tom, sorry to hear about your knees mate, like they have all said, have a couple of days off to recover, but don't lose your enthusiasm, get straight back out there wen you feel better. I have learned something thi morning, I didn't even know what your gait was and that you could have running shoes to suit your feet, so Thankyou for that.

    If you remember we are both a out the same level, I have wk 1 run 3 this morning, my wife has decided to do it to, she is 1 run behind me so I will prob do a 4th wk 1 run so that we can progress onto wk 2 togethe, what do you think??. Sorry for blabbering on!! Lol

    Anyway, hope you feel better, and remember keep going :-)

  • Thanks jimbob i tried to get my wife out but she says in this heat your nuts lol.But yes i am going to take it off till Monday and see how i feel then hopefully all will be good,I don't want to waste money on different shoes just yet i want to see if this will clear up first, that's prob what i will do on Monday repeat a week 1 run to get my feet wet again.Enjoy your run.

  • If you don't want to fork out for new trainers, maybe try some supportive insoles for running, mine are scholl orthaheel sports ones. They have helped loads with my shin pain and knee pain caused by over pronation

  • Thank you Tiger79 i will look into that.

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