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Bad run/walk today:(

started week 7 run 1 today, nearly didnt go, was really feeling stiff from my first 25 mins on tuesday and wasnt feeling in right frame of mind as i call it, sometimes i find it better not to go when im like that but as i new i could not go till sunday next, i dragged myself out and managed to to about 15mins then just stopped, it wasnt like something i was contemplating i just stopped. Anyway had time to reflect on my walk back could not for the life of me get myself to start up again I think i should have just left it today but also im thinking it's quite a jump to the 25mins. Anyway have new plan, gonna start again sunday and plan to have two days rest inbetween each run and am not moving off week 7 till i feel comfortable with completing 25 mins. Maybe ive just had a bad day, it be great if i go out sunday and its a breeze:) but if not plan b ive been pushing my body to do things its never done before the last few months and each time ive pushed it a bit more think it needs to be given abit of time before i push it some more. Love to know anybodys elses thoughts? On a humourous side of things, i have an iphone and my text alerts are on that sound "tweet" which is sort of a whistle, it went off 3 times while out and a couple of people turned around i think they thoughts i was whistling at them!

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Don't stress about not completing the run...I was like that in week 8..think i only completed one of the runs properly before moving on! I'd put it down to a bad run and I'm sure Sunday will be absolutely fine. With the longer runs it is definatley more of a mental challenge...just give yourself a talking to before you go out next.

LOL at the whistle story...maybe nextime you shoud whistle at them.

Good luck for Sunday and let us know how you got on


Sorry to hear about your minor setback. Try not to worry and just try again next time. You can do it.....


Frustrated for u that u found today hard. It's easy to get caught up in the bad run and forgetting how amazingly well u've done. From reading on here it seems like we've all had bad runs however far into the programme, I know I have. Every time I go out I dread its going to be a bad one. Don't beat urself up about today's run it sounds like u know why it was rough which hopefully helps a bit rather than thinking u can't do it cause u definately CAN!!! Focus on how much u have achieved and not the difficulty today and have another crack at it on Sunday!! Good luck look forward to hearing how great Sunday's run goes!! :o)


Loved the picture I got of you whistling at them as you ran past!!!

Good luck with your run on Sunday!


I always found the first run of a new week hard so you're not alone :) If you're not in the right mind set too it can make it harder. Don't worry about it, just move on and keep going!


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