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Lousy day today

Just could not run.

Wonder why?

I overdosed on cheese last night, could not go to sleep, tossing and turning for ages.

Got up this morning to a drizzle. Went out and found I could not walk briskly. I did my best, then started my run. The air was fresh, it was nice. Within 5 minutes it was a slog. I was tired and just wanted to stop. I decided not to listen to those gremlins and carried on. It was so hard. By the 8th minute I had to stop and walked the small hill, then ran again on the flat for a very short time but then could not carry on and walked the other hill. I did another minute downhill and gave up. Walked all the way back home. There was no joy, no pleasure. what is going on? Is it the cheese, the lack of sleep or just being burned out? It is winter here, raining, grey and I just came back from a seven weeks relaxing and running, wonderful sunny warm holiday. Maybe it is the consequences!

I mean, I could do 6K no worries, I did a fun run and got a medal but today I run/walked 3.3K ! How is that for a downer

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I know the feeling, you know you can do it but sometimes nothing clicks in place.! I only managed 3 k and a bit on Tuesday and had to walk home. I'm sure the humidity and not sleeping, busy day at work is why but still it feels rubbish. I'm sure it makes the good runs more fun though.😁😁

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Don't beat yourself up, don't overanalyze it. It happens to everyone, some days are better than others. After a crummy run I'll treat myself to a special run next time - a favourite route, a flat course, a planned short one, new tunes etc. And a 3k run-walk is still a great outing, even if you didn't plan for it. Remember how far you've come.


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