Today is the day, it has to be!!

Today is the day, it has to be!!

Hello friends,

I am going to re start my C25K again tonight now I have a bit more energy after the anemia diagnosis.

I need to do this tonight, I feel like I've been saying since January that I need to start and oh deary me it's nearly bloody October!!!!!

I'm scared if I don't make a move and start something I will just put more weight on, I also suffer with diabetes and one thing after another illness (Feels like I can never catch a break) which I'm hoping this will help with and anxiety and panic attacks which I've also read that exercise can help with.

I sound like a wreck, sometimes I feel like there's no hope! :(

I don't know how to do things for me, I've spent my life putting others first and now it's time to put me first I just find it so hard, need to take a little me time.

So yes tonight is the night, I swear please everyone come and drag me out of the door and give me the massive kick up the butt that I oh so desperately need!

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26 Replies

  • Go you.... Sounds like you could do with just 30 mins in the land of running. I forget about everything that normally bothers me.

    You can do it. Go for it ;-) tonight is the night :-)

  • Thank you for your comment, I did it haha and felt much better afterwards! :)

  • Good luck and get out there, I am sure you will be fine once you start. I have run after aneamia, take it nice and slow and take the walking breaks if you need them. You will get there. Listen to your body. I ran all the way through my treatment just taking the walk breaks when I needed them. It feels positive to be out there especially when aneamia can make you feel a bit down. Happy running.

  • Thank you, I was okay (knackered and sore) haha but okay and felt like I had achieved something! Well done for running through your treatment and keeping up with it, it's so easy when you're feeling unwell to just give up.

  • I know how you feel! I am now at Wk 7, but am finding it really hard at the moment due to various health issues which slow me down a bit, but I am determined to keep going with the running as the after effect is such a lift in my mood and general wellbeing.

    I cannot do this at the pace of (it seems) everyone else on here. I have to take extra rest days, which means it is taking me much longer to build up the stamina etc, but I'm plugging away and I WILL PREVAIL! Those of us with health problems can sometimes look at everyone else and feel hard-done-by, but we can't change it, so we've just got to put on a brave face and get on with it! You have SO got the right attitude, and I know with the support of all the wonderful contributors on this forum you will succeed. Good luck, and keep posting after every run to let us know how it's going. xxx

  • Keep up the hard work!! :) I understand the feeling one health issue after another but don't let it stop you, nothing wrong with doing it at your own pace take it easy. Slow and steady wins the race! :)

    Thank you so much for your support! Keep up the hard work :) xxx

  • Wow, you have had a lot to deal with this year. I know you're feeling anxious, but you can definitely do this! Once you've completed your first run you'll feel so much better. Just take it nice and slow and try to enjoy yourself.

    Please let us know how you went so we can give you some well deserved congratulations :-)

  • Hi Polly, I did it! :)

    I was knackered afterwards but I felt like I had taken that step and achieved something. Thank you for your support!

  • Yay! Well done you :-) It's great to hear that you've taken that big, scary, first step. Nothing will stop you now!

  • Thank you :) going to do the second run today!

  • Knock knock, we're at your door and all dressed ready to go for the run. Where are you? Oh yes there you are, raring to go with us.

    You will do this. One step at a time. Slowly. Think how great you'll feel when you're done.

    We're with you every step of the way.

  • Thank you very much for being there with me last night, I also didn't go as I felt knackered but thanks to all the motivation I got out of the door and did it! :)

  • Well done! Bet you felt good afterwards!

  • I did, thank you! :)

  • As an anxiety and panic attack sufferer too, exercise really DOES help. Don't let it stop you getting out of the door in the first place. You can do this and sound as if you need to. Very best of luck.

  • Thank you very much, I hope exercise helps me as it has done for you :)

  • Try not to let all this get to you, I suffer from problems with my legs and 3 and a half years ago suffered a head/brain injury but in june just gone I ran 3miles for this 10yr old lad who was in a car accident who lost half of his right leg and suffered a head/brain injury like myself it was torture during the run but afterwards I felt great and even met someone there and promised if the race was on the year after we'd try to beat our time of 58 mins, later that day ended up with ice packs over my legs but I didn't care I finished the race and felt great about myself, but you can do this, we're all behind you. Just take your first run nice and slow, you can do this. :)

  • That's so great of you to get out there and run for such a good cause even though you've had injuries yourself, so inspiring!!

    Keep up the hard work! :)

  • Thank you, in the future I hope to do a charity swim or bike ride (because I can't run that far without pain in my legs) for the charity headway which is helping me get into work, I'm sure after a few slow run you'll be thinking why didn't I start this ages ago, I hope you all the best for the future in your running. Don't start off to fast, gradually build it up and you'll do fine :)

    I'm sure you'll do great once your used to running :)

  • A swim or bike ride sounds really good :) do you enjoy cycling?

    I have a bike but there's not many good places to ride near where I live and I have no road confidence on a bike.

    Thank you for your support, good luck with your swims and cycling :)

  • I enjoy cycling but haven't got a bike at the moment, I'm saving up for one but I spend time on the bikes at the gym, but before I get a bike, I'm signing up for bike riding lessons, first to help me balance on a bike and then to learn how to ride on the roads, I'm never allowed to drive but got the ok back in january to learn how to ride a bike on the roads, best next thing :)

    Keep up the good work on your runs :)

  • Riding lessons sounds like a good idea, I'm having driving lessons so I have road sense but scares me to think of riding a bike on the roads haha.

    Good luck I wish you all the success in the world! :)

  • Thank you :) I've been making sure I've got a lot of reflective things and lights to put on me and the bike so if I ride at night people will see me, I'm sure you'll be on the roads in no time :) good luck in your driving and your the future :)

  • Ahh yes reflective things are always a good idea! :)

    Thank you very much, you too best of luck!! :)

  • Consider the door open and the boot ready to kick... :)

    Now - on a more serious note...

    This is a personal journey and it might take longer than 9 weeks and you might start with smaller steps out the door and off the couch... but I firmly believe that simply getting up and walking out the door (even if it's just for a walk around the block) is the first step to bigger steps, then a light jog and then onwards from there...

    I find inner peace in running (injured now and miss it terribly) and it's my place to go to when I need to clear my head...

    Whatever you decide just enjoy it, don't set unrealistic targets but believe in yourself... you can do this!

    Good luck! And I will check in on you tomorrow!

  • Thank you for the kick that I needed haha it helped me get out the door! :)

    It was definitely a big step that I've been waiting to take for a while but so glad I did it!

    Really sorry you can no longer run, hope your injury gets better. :(

    Thanks for the support, I really needed it!! :)

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