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Couch to 5K
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Can hardly believe I did a whole 5 mins..... Isn't it satisfying? I nearly re-did week 3 instead after last week's foot problems. Did w3r3 on Monday and was still a bit uncomfortable so was very unsure.

This morning I had a brainwave and swopped some arch supports into my trainers. This was a really good thing as I didn't think about my feet at all.

Start my last week of radiotherapy today. C25K has been a brilliant positive thing to aim for and I feel much much better on the mornings when I've been out round the river path for exercise. Very tired now, another reason to feel like stalling - but no, on we go! It's so good to have something to aim for beyond the treatment as well.

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Well done! It does seem to take over one's life a little I have found (I am on W7) and I mean that in a good way. I have become much more positive and confident about things along the way. I have no experience in life similar to what you are going through at the moment, but I can only think that it must help to have something else to focus on. All the best for your last week of radiotherapy and celebrate at the end! Look forward to hearing how you are getting on further along C25K.


Nice photo! Well done for your run - yes I remember that full 5min run feeling so satisfying, as I think it's the first biggest hurdle to cross and once you do it you can really see how much progress you are making! Good luck for your other runs and enjoy the lovely scenery! (Makes my runs look very boring - as I just run around a field! Lol!)


Good luck with radiotherapyy xxxxxxxxxx


well done.. nice sheep!


Wow! Good for you! I'm a little nervous about week 4 run 1. I will be doing that on Saturday. just did week 3 run 2 and was not comfortable either, but I have to trust the program. 😃

P.S. Good luck with the radiotherapy!!!!


Fab picture 😀 Keep it up!


Brilliant Annie , Well done !

All the very best to you and good luck with the radiotherapy .

You are amazing, youre doing great - keep going ! :-) xxx


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