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Well yet again I have managed to survive, yet again the first few minutes did not suck the life force out of me!!

Well I did think wait a minute let me off this ride!!

Then when Laura said half way on the first five minutes, I thought to myself good grief I can actually do this, by then my body had settled into it's now familiar quick shuffle and 3/3 breathing pattern, oh listen to me talking like I know what I mean Lol!!

Well now I know I can do this, I shall go to the session 2 and 3 week 4.

All the best


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yey - well done you! I rely on my 3/3 breathing pattern - when I've done 90 I know I've nearly 3 minutes running - not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.....

keep going!


What is this 3/3 breathing pattern - what am I missing? (I know all about shuffling, though not the quick sort!)

Have I been doing it all wrong? :P


Please share this 3/3 business?! I too know how to shuffle but not this breathing method!


I'm on w3 run 3 and am going to do it tonight but I am dreading week 4 - looks so scary. I struggled with the runs this week to be honest although I did them lol!

You are an inspiration to me - well done ...........but what is 3/3 breathing :-)


Well done! :)


Good going.

I think the 3/3 breathing must be what I'm doing. 3 steps for 1 breath in and 3 steps for the out breath. I've tried to do the 4 that Laura mentioned but failed dismally.


Ah yes it is good to know I'm not alone!

Isabella, and skf are both the same as myself, I have tried to use 4/4 (four in four out)

But unfortunately I found myself bouncing from one support bar to the other on the treadmill, unable to breath deeply enough, and after becoming lightheaded I gave up.

Eventually I found myself falling into a 3/3 magical breathing pattern used by Olympic athletes for many years!.....okay so I made that up, but by the power of Laura's dulcet tones, I have stuck with it and by jingo it works for me!

I reckon when I get faster then I will be able to increase the breathing.

All the best everyone



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