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Phew... the rain held off and 15km done and dusted.


I have never run in the rain, not even drizzle. Over the last few days Santiago has be battered by the heaviest rain in seven years. We now have clean air and snow on the Andes so everyone is happy, but the rain here was just an average wet couple days compared to the UK.

So on Saturday as we dusted off our waterproofs we wondered what to wear. I even consulted runner world tool for guidance. As we woke up we needed not to worry the rain had moved on!! So i guess i will have to wait until we return in the UK in may to run in the rain or drizzle.

Off we set to the start line, a bit late but as it was only down the road we weren't worried. The race route was good, a bit of a challenge in places but there was only 2 gatorade stations and no water. I have decided to stop drinking that but any port in a storm. I also needed a wee and how i managed to run for 15km i just don't know. Always, always go to the toilet before starting a race!!

I look some sweets but i didn't feel like i needed anything. There were no freebies at the start or end of the race. Apart from a plant for the people who did the hm distance but lots of people were carrying them more than people who ran the hm.

If anyone is interested in all the details here it the garmin link

Would I enter this race again, no i just found the whole thing a bit bland ! I don't know why. I am looking forward to my usual 10km race and i have a time to beat, we run santiago - which is awesome and my hm in vina - which i am hoping will be lovely running by the sea. As events drop off during summer in Chile, these will be some of the last running events here. I had better start looking at 2016 in the UK and start saving up as running races cost a lot in the UK than in Chile.

Happy running folks

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15k, I'm in awe! (I've just made it to 6.5, I'm a long way behind you). I couldn't run with a full bladder, I would have been off to water the hedge within the first half hour :) As for running in the rain, I love it. I'd get used to the idea if you'r going to live in the UK...

VixchileGraduate in reply to mfamilias

I think needing the loo helped me finish!!! Yeah i better get use to idea of running in the UK once i return. Its funny where the c25k leads you, but i must say the tips of toes are feeling it. 6.5Km is fair old distance too!!! But you have lovely scenery of vineyards !!!

15K!! Wow Vixchile that's brilliant. No freebies? No bling? Not good. But you ran 15K! Amazing. Yes you'd better get used to the rain as you'll probably get a lot in the UK but it's lovely, honest.

I can't open your link for some reason, but well done to you.

VixchileGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

I am such a donut its because i had the activity locked - doh

Unlocked it now!

I don't know why but i am worried i will be cold running in the rain. A bit of rain can't harm you and a lovely hot shower after will be amazing.


Flippin 'eck Vix that's a long long way. Sadly, I couldn't open your link, perhaps you've got your privacy setting really high. Sorry the race wasn't as good as you'd hoped but at least you ran 15k, and with a full bladder too -amazing!! xx

VixchileGraduate in reply to AncientMum

It was AM - sorry unlocked it now so you should be able to have a little look - Thanks for the heads up.

i do have a slight phobia about going to public toilets but i should have got over it. I just didn't want to get out of the holding pen - very lazy me.

Well its not bad for a sunday morning so i am pretty pleased and now i can justify the cadburys whole nut in the fridge.

Hope your running is going well.

Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to Vixchile

Wow, that is a looooong way! Sadly I still can't see the link....

VixchileGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

😞 obviously i haven't mastered Garmin connect.


I was rather tired yesterday after the race but today I feel ok.

I would never have thought i would be able run these distance but i actually like it now.


Wow Vix ! That is a LONG way ! Well done to you , that is some achievement , I will go look at it on Connect .

You have earned that chocolate and I hope you enjoyed it !

Running in the rain is brilliant , it really cools you down , I love it :-)

A massive big up to you ! :-) xxx

VixchileGraduate in reply to poppypug

Thank you ! Its amazing to think it all started with c25k!! The whole nut was lovely!! Plus we went out for a steak but i look at that as muscle repair 😉 how i will miss the steaks of chile!!

I feel now i missing out the rain, but i will enjoy endless dry days of running as i am sure there will be plenty of wet days when i am back!!😀

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