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HM anyone?

Sorry I know this is meant to be C25K but i have noticed a few people mention HM.

I am currently training for one in October and November.

I was just wondering how others are finding the training? What plans are people following and which races have been entered or will be entering?

I love reading race reports and its good to know what people think of races and if its worth entering them for next year. Especially when entering these events can become very costly .

I am following an adapted my Asics Plan and I have entered a hm in Vina del Mar on 4th October. Then I plan to complete We Run Santiago on 15th Nov, which has now changed to HM distance. My plan so far is to keep the KM up each week and run a 2X 17km and 1X18km in September. Plus work a little bit harder in the gym as weeks gone by i wasn't working up a sweat, i was just going through the motions. So i have changed it up, increased the weights and hopefully this should help. Also we are trying to cut down the amount of wine we drink, which is very difficult at the weekend.

Like everyone here, I started be doing c25K and a year later am planning on running a HM. This program really works and you never know where it will take you.

Happy running everyone

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Hiya Vix, I am also doing a modified MyAsics plan and my HM (Tonbridge Half Marathon) is also on October 4th (doesn't it come around quickly?)

The training is going quite well albeit I missed a few runs due to injury. Like you, I have 3 x 18k runs at close to race pace to 'look forward' to in September which will no doubt be hard but quite instructive.


Its not long now ! September is going to be hard month for training my partner returns to the UK so I am bit "concerned" about where i am going to go. So today i tried a new 14km route out today and i might do my long run on Sunday and join the cyclists.

Well let me know how the 18km runs go. I will be there in spirit....feeling the tiredness too. Good luck with your training!! 🏃🏽


Also doing a Asics HM plan, but although I always try to complete the distances, I have not been able to maintain the required paces in the latter weeks. My goal is to finish... Not worried about the time / pace. Best of luck with yours.


I just ignore the paces now too - i just want to make sure i can complete the distances I have set, Which is a challenge. i now have a bank of distances that i need to achieve. If the run is good and I am up early enough i keep going and if its terrible i just stop. I think also having new routes is going to be important to keep me distracted.

Good luck with your training - have you got an event?


I am doing a HM on Oct 25-- I will be doing it in the same way that I did the 14Klm Sydney City to Surf last year - using run/walk strategy. I am "running" 4 days per week - running all distances up to 10K non-stop and the weekly long run is run/walk. So far I am up to 15K and will take it to 20K before the race. I am using a plan that I got from Runners World Smartcoach.

It could be that my HM will be HOT -- although October is "supposed" to be Spring here - in the last several years we seem to get Summer arriving early with a BANG during Spring. The race commences at 7AM but I would be surprised if it is in the high 20's C by 9AM - and , being a smaller local Festival, it will be run on the local Parkrun course - so 4 laps of parkrun course!!


Sounds like a good plan - my plan only took me to 17km but i think i mentally for me I need to run 18km a few times so will attempting those in the next month.

Sound like a nice event - being at your park run course you won't have any surprises!!

Same here October and November is springtime but last year it was getting rather warm. Not as bad as 20 degrees in the morning but it was thinking about it. Luckily one is by the coast so it shouldn't be too bad, fingers crossed. The one in November is at 8:30am so i am hoping it will be bearable. After these races I will hiding in the gym and by the pool until we return to the UK.


I started following myAsics but ended up doing my own thing, but the main thing was trying to increase my distance by 10% each week

By the way if you are on Facebook a lot of the c25kers are on there, there are 2 groups, the first is for anyone doing c25k and is called c25kers on Facebook, and then there is the beyond c25k group which is very supportive as well


I think the plan is good a gives it a focus but i now view it a guide rather than a plan and try to follow it roughly, for me its about maintaining the distance each week and make sure i do the long runs. Have you got a race?

No i am not on Facebook - i do think its a good ideas having a beyond25k, because I am conscious of why this site has been created. I wonder if they will create a graduate site?


This is just my take on it. Gave up on my Asics plan as it was making me depressed! Trying to work a full time job 60 hrs per week and get the training in, was tough. So I reverted back to doing what I like to do - two 5-8Ks in the week with a long one at weekends - say, 10 or 12K. I did manage TWO ten milers which was amazing, but frankly it made me question whether long distance running was really my thing! To HAVE to do what the plan said (I'm one of those peeps that follows orders) started to ruin my enjoyment of running. So I'm back to what I enjoy most - running where, when and how far I wanna go!!


That is tough having to work 60 hours and do the plan. If i was still teaching there is no way in hell that I would have been able to do this. I was knackered everyday and every weekend i was up to my eyeballs in books and planning and prep!!! I was a new teacher so everything look me soooo loooonngg.

I think you have to have fun - at the moment i am struggling on my run as feel not this again but its boredom of doing the same routes. Today i look a new route and felt much better so i think on long runs this is what i am going to do - find new routes. The time went by much quicker and my run was much easier.


Having done lots of myasics plans and found them spot on as regards projected finish times, I find like Dan and Andy that they are very hard (even the beginners and intermediate) and I struggled with the pace at times. Like Dan says they can take the fun out of it. I am now injured and have been for months! Had I not done so much fast training I think I would NOT now be on the injury couch. I think, with the benefit of hindsight, it would have been preferable to do the distance training but without bothering about speed. I am probably much older than you mind you so it might not be so much of an issue for you.

Stamina and strength is the thing with half m's, so being the fittest you can be is the trick, as it's a ruddy long way. Good diet and daily exercise on your non-running days is definitely a help. The weights don't need to be heavy. I used 3 lb ones but I did the weights as part of the routine (Jillian Michaels) so I was on the move at the same time. There were some dead lifts but generally it was about keeping moving. Swimming is good for the arms too!

I was using a petrol hedge cutter yesterday. What a workout that was! I couldn't even lift my cuppa tea!!!!

I'd cut back on the wine for sure. Just have the one!


Have you had your physio appointment? How are the runs going?

I find it a bit tricky having to run at a set pace. I tend to run the fast pace from my plan and this seems to be ok for me, on race day i find you run faster anyway so it all works anyway. Then i run slow runs when i need to just recover a bit.

The giving up the wine is so hard but its been a lot less now that I go to the gym. I have had to pull my finger out at the gym as i wasn't really working hard, so hopefully this will help. When i walk out the gym and i hadn't broke a sweat and my partner was dripping i knew something was wrong.

😄 I am not allowed to use the hedge cutter, for that matter the new shiny mower and especially none of his tools - not that we currently have a hedge!! But when we return to the UK- I think my partner thinks i will end up having an "accident".


I'm using an Asics plan at the moment for my first 10km that I'm doing in September. Due to a bit of over excitement I entered another 10km for 2 weeks after the first one. I hadn't used any type of plan after finishing C25K and I was a bit reluctant to start one because I enjoyed doing my own thing and I had got up to 10km once a week. But I then had a panic about being able to run 10km in a time that would be before the organisers started to pack up and go home hence the plan. It's going OK but I do find it quite difficult to keep up the pace. I am planning to do a HM next May in Chester and I think I'll use an Asics plan again if the 10km races go OK. Good luck with your HM training and the race itself. I graduated at about this time last year and never in a million years would I have thought that I would now be planning on running in 2 10km races this year and a HM next year. Amazing!


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