Week 2 completed

Well, who would have thought it? Certainly not me when I posted after completing week 1 last Sunday morning. All I can say is what a difference a week makes! Last Sunday I was in tears, couldn't breathe and was despondent to say the least. This week I slowed down, got my breathing sorted out, and have been surprised when the running sections ended as I haven't been begging for mercy. Tonight I finished with a sprint ( by my standards - I won't be getting called up for Rio 2016!) and felt great.

I know there is still a very long way to go, but as a 50 year old with several health issues, who just a few short weeks ago could barely walk due to plantar fasciitis in my left foot, I feel amazed. My husband is a runner, and I've always told him that I couldn't run, so he was surprised when 2 weeks ago I announced that I was going to embark on C25K. He says he's proud of me, and tonight I felt proud of myself!

A huge thanks to those who relied to my post last Sunday and who gave me advice and encouragement - it obviously worked!


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22 Replies

  • Brilliant, well done! You should indeed be very proud of yourself for continuing on and keeping at it! Many congratulations, keep us updated! :) x

  • Thankyou! I can't believe how much better I feel about it this week.

  • Really cool ! Well done !

    I have, moments ago, completed week 2 and seem to be doing ok.

    I too am 50 (but male) and must say that I am enjoying it and think the podcasts make all the difference.

    Anyway, keep going, we have seven more weeks of (torture) fun to go !!

  • You 50 YO spring chickens... I'm 54 😀 well done with your week2; if you can do week 2 you can do week 3 ( well it worked for me - week 4 looks a bit more daunting...!)

  • I daren't think about week 4 yet!

    Hubby is 53 and started running about 18 months ago.I don't think I'll ever be up to his standards but he is being fab about my efforts, coming with me and cheering me on!

  • Well done!

    Haha. One week at a time as far as the fun ( torture) goes!

  • Well done, you are deservedly proud of yourself, keep it up

  • Thankyou. Next stop week 3 - I'm quite looking forward to it.

  • That's fantastic, well done. I felt exactly the same and my husband and daughters were a little bemused by the idea of me running! I am now on W7 and it's hard but going well. So just keep it up!

  • Thankyou. Well done on getting to week 7. Hubby runs and so does my son in law. They both seemed surprised when I said I was going to try c25k.

  • You are doing a great job, well done. Keep going !

  • Thankyou! I'm amazed that I managed this week as last week I couldn't control my breathing and was struggling to run the 60 seconds.

  • I now have Duffy singing in my noggin....begging you for mercy 🎶

    Gosh, so been there.

    I'm 46 so still catching you up but I've had plantar fasciitis, had a TIA a couple of years ago, tiny hole in the heart, type 2 diabetes - Oh God. I need to lay down.

    But this running lark is the best thing I have ever done. I feel good in myself, my fitness is slowly improving.

    On week 1 I thought that this just was not for me. Not my cup of tea. 5 short weeks later (one run at a time) here I am, still plodding on.

    Well done for keeping on, it's lovely having such support at home. Keep posting and letting us know how you are getting on.

  • Thankyou. Those 60 seconds seemed so long last week, whereas this week I've been surprised that the 90 seconds were up!

    I have microvascular angina, high blood pressure,and some dodgy joints as well as the PF so it's good to hear from someone else who has a few ailments! This form of angina isn't life threatening, but can make life pretty miserable ( the pain is akin to that of a heart attack at its worst). I've found that the fitter I am, the less frequent and intense the episodes, so running seemed like a natural progression from the other exercise I've been doing. The only problem is that I haven't run for 35 years!

    I'm approaching it one run at a time too... long may that continue to work for both of us.

  • And there you go, encouraging all those arriving at Week 1 and struggling with it as so many of us did! With common sense and a bit of courage at times, it's possible for things to get better as you progress.

    I also eventually changed my mindset like that, about the starts and ends of runs. As soon as you know Laura is about to say "Go for it", I would already start some sort of run (including just kicking into full pace); and then when Laura said "OK, slow down now", I would take my time about it instead of crashing to a halt with an inner "Thanks!" cried out. It's like physically declaring "I WANT to run" (even if for a while you don't really believe what you're telling those legs to say).

  • Thankyou. Courage was definitely needed on run 1 this week after feeling so awful last Sunday. It would have been so easy to say I couldn't do it and just give up. This week I have loved the 3rd and 4th running sections ( even though the 4th was uphill) as I seemed to get into a bit of a rhythm by then. Hubby was very surprised by my sprint last night, and even more surprised that I was smiling at the end of it!

  • Hi Eastofthegate, well done well done well done!

    I've got plantar fasciitis in both heels and it is so irritating isn't it. Hobbling around going ouch ouch as you get out of bed, month after month... Funnily enough it doesn't get in the way of C25K anything like as much as not being able to breathe!

    Keep up the good work- week three makes those 90 second runs seem lovely 😀

  • Thankyou. I can'tt believe how painful the PF has been, or how debilitating. I don't have a car so went from walking everywhere briskly to hobbling. I ice my foot after every run and use supportive insoles and heel pads in all my footwear. The new trainers I bought for running in are the most comfy thing I have now.

    Fingersare firmly crossed for week 3!

  • Glad you are feeling better about the program! Keep it up, you will amaze yourself as the weeks go on (I'm almost jealous!).

    :) It's a great program and you will feel great about yourself for completing it (and rightly so!).

  • Thankyou. Last week I really couldn't imagine myself running for any length of time at all. This week I have a glimmer of hope that I will be able to do it. I just keep telling myself 'One run at a time!'

  • You only need faith in yourself. Great job

  • Thankyou! This week I belive in myself more than I did last week. Long may that continue!

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