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Week 6 Run 2 Completed, and ready to quit :-(


Well, I amazed myself by managing to complete The Big Twenty at the end of Week 5, and commenced to Week 6 feeling pretty positive.

A trip away over the bank holiday meant I'd had a four day break, and perhaps (!) eaten and drunk a little more than is generally deemed a sensible part of a healthy living campaign. But nevertheless, Tuesday saw me back in my trainers, giving Week 6 Run 1 ago. I didn't expect it to be easy, and it wasn't, but I did it.

So last night was the turn of Week 6 Run 2. I went into it positively - after a solid twenty minutes last week, how hard could two ten minute runs be? Quite hard it seems. But I kept going.

And then I was overtaken. First by two happy looking chaps with a spring in their step who laughed amicably as their stealthy manoeuvre (masked by Laura's dulcet tones in my ears) made me jump so much that my feet actually left the ground (which is probably what they should be doing during a run anyway, but maybe not quite that much). And then immediately after that by a woman who would appear to have done this before. Perfect figure (beautifully exhibited by her skin tight lycra running kit), not a wobble or a bounce anywhere to be see, perfect running technique, ponytail merrily swinging with her pace.

All of them were going at such a speed that within a couple of minutes I literally couldn't see them. And there was me, red faced and panting, lollopping along, fadump fadump as my feet hit the ground. I felt fat, ungainly, inelegant, and yes, a bit humiliated. Suddenly I've stopped feeling proud of myself for making it this far, and just feel pathetic for ever having thought I might be able to do it.

And everyone else on here seems so positive. Am I the only one to have hit a low point?

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Hi Tryingsohard, I know what you mean. I'm just a run behind you and still feel very ploddy. When I got back yesterday, there was a Dynorod van parked outside my neighbour's house which matched my face perfectly! But, when I see people like you describe - all I can think of is that I want to run like them. I probably never will but I'm a lot closer to that than I was a couple of months ago. It's easy to forget how bad you were when you started. Can't speak for you, but 6 weeks ago I found running for 90 seconds pretty tough. Now we're running for TWENTY MINUTES!! That's pretty impressive. I feel chuffed to bits, even when my other half accompanies me and slightly demoralises me by occasionally running backwards to keep up (down?) with me! You should most definitely be proud of your progress and look forward to getting even better.

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to suemcshug

Yes, you're right, I know you're right. But I feel so rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NO! NO! NO! NO! I am fat (Very) the wrong side of fifty and I do all the red faced and panting stuff. I get overtaken all the time. My runnuing route is shared by high school kids who, I'm sure, find me highly amusing. I owe it to myself to get fit and keep healthy and so do you. Anyway I fully intend to bob along beautifully eventually ( not sure about the pony tail though) and probably even overtake someone one day. Right that said I am off to do my Wk6 R1. Keep the faith!

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to runningmam

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


A lot of us struggled with week 6 runs 1 and 2 but have gone on to run further and fastr thsn we thought possible. You can too.

Don't worry about those other runners; they may have been running for years.

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to swanscot

And thank you to you too!


Lots of times I felt low, especially week 7, each time I went out was a struggle and I really wondered why I was doing it, but I just knew that I had to. Having graduated just before easter I can look back and see how hard it was, but feel very proud of myself. It does get easier, and you will see how your fitness improves, it is really miraculous. And when you go out on a lovely sunny day, and the running becomes easier, you will be so glad you did it. Keep running, and be proud of yourself.

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to petal51

Eeek.... hopefully that doesn't mean I'm going to find next week even worse!

greenlegsGraduate in reply to TryingSoHard

Not necessarily at all - everyone has some horrible runs somewhere, you may have got yours over and done with now! Stick to slow and steady, and remember it's only a competition with your old self, not with anyone else - and on that - you're definitely winning! :)

That woman with the ponytail sounds just like an encounter I had last Sunday morning. Thought I was going along pretty nicely when this very slim Lycra glad (including crop top) went flying by flicking her ponytail! What got up my nose most was that she didn't even acknowledge me with a 'morning' as she overtook! Anyway, try not to worry about these others because one day quite soon you may well keep up with them. Just think how quickly you've progressed in the last few weeks and how far you can run now compared with the 60 second intervals that everyone struggles with at the beginning. Don't give up now, you have achieved so much already and you can do this. Good luck you're doing great. Claire. X

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to nomorejellybelly

She is probably a lovely lovely lady. But heck, momentarily, how I hated her!

I've always envied those pony tailed women in their lycra looking totally glamorous whilst running (Katherine Jenkins running the marathon anyone!) and often wonder if i'll ever look like that. The answer is most definitely no but probably someday many months/years ago those lycra clad woman looked like me - red faced, slightly overweight and exhauted after running for 3 mins. We all have to start somewhere. Keep running and keep smiling :)

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to fitbefore40

Nah, they probably slithered painlessly out of their mothers and jogged on across the delivery suite to the crib, pausing only to bounce up onto the scales to be weighed in at a perfect 7lb 7oz! ;-)

Yeah you're probably right - who am I trying to kid lol! :)

I could have written that this morning. Just back from W6R1 and started o so confidently...but the whole experience was terrible. I'm just trying to put it down to a bad day..it was drizzling after all. But as you say it's hard to believe we can do it when we hit a day like that :-( Lets both hold tight to Laura's hand and try to trust her :-)

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to lycranotlikely

Laura's ears must have been burning last night too. Oh, the names I called her...!


I think the biggest thing to take from this is to remember that you are still in the process of learning how to run. It is a skill with a technique & you are already

.... think back to yourself 8 weeks ago, did you know how to run? - how to breathe, how to keep your head still and stop "being too bouncy".... what did you know about pace - about recovery & warming up cooling down, how to cope with stitch & the aces and pains

The chances are you knew very little of all of these 8 weeks ago - and now you know it you wont forget it.

..... Then think of the journey that you have already taken - those 1 minute runs lasted so long, the 3 minute runs were doable, the 5 minute runs felt okay, the 8 minute runs .... you have done them all.

so forget about little miss lycra - run for yourself and for your own reasons.

trainers on, earbuds in & go out & do it....

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to Hidden

I knew there was a reason I joined this forum. It's so nice receiving words of encouragement!

You're absolutely right, of course. And I'm not going to quit (although I am quite glad that today is a rest day), but tomorrow I will be back out there giving it another go. And praying for no passers-by!

Thank you all so much.

vixiejGraduate in reply to Hidden

spot on!


Aww, I know exactly what you mean. It's always difficult to see all the other slim, fast runners passing beside the fatty, tomato-faced and snail-speed woman that I am - I must look very lame to them. But then I remember that I do all this for myself and how much progress I made in 10 weeks! From a couch potato to a runner!! Don't compare yourself to others but to the one you were before your started the program - quite a change, and a very good change, isn't it? Be proud of yourself - you did great and will keep doing so, I'm sure!! :-)

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to DavD

Thank you. It'll be the moment of truth today - 25 minutes non stop. Eeeeeek!


I hope it goes well today for you. The words of encouragement on here are what kept me going during my bad moments. But now I have a mantra: "I'm a gazelle, I'm a gazelle, I'm a gazelle" !!! I am about 4 stone overweight, my 50th birthday is looming faster than I would like, I go puce in the face and sweat profusely, so think bad-tempered hippo rather than gazelle and you have the general idea :D But do you know what? I've graduated from this programme - and so will you. You are the only person that matters and you are doing this just for you. All the best to you - keep blogging to let us know how you're doing :)

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

That just made me laugh aloud. I think I too shall be a gazelle!


Just wanted to echo the others! Don't give up. You're ahead if me and doing so well! I'm lucky in that my husband is as unfit as me and were doing this together so when we get passed by speedy skinnys we have each other to say "blimey". I don't think we'll ever look like that, but we are doing this for our health, so sod 'em!


Hi there. Just wanted to add my encouragement too... What you are doing is more important than the skinny Minnies... Just think what you have chosen to do for your health and imagine how you'll feel when you get the badge on this site... My T shirt arrived today in anticipation of my final week 9 run this week and I am so proud of what I have achieved particularly overcoming my fear of being seen in public. I now just smile and wave at the odd heckler or the Lycra clad lovelies as they sail past and turn my attention back to Laura and her encouragement... Good luck tomorrow and enjoy... I'll send you positive thoughts as I run too. :-)

TryingSoHardGraduate in reply to KernowKate

I'm off out for Week 6 Run 3 at 7:30 tonight - how sad is that, deliberately leaving it till 'late' on a Saturday in the hope that everyone else will have better things to do than trudge the canal path!

Feeling very edgy at the thought of 25 mins, but fingers crossed I can do it.


I did it!

I did it!!

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS. Did I mention... I blinkin' well did it!

Thank you so much to all you lovely people who saw me through my hour of darkness. It's all down to you that I live to jog another day.


Whoop whoop! Well done! :)


Well done! :-) You did it! :) :) :)

(And Anniemurph, I think I now have my mantra sorted for tomorrow's Race for Life. Thank you! ;) )


Firstly, well done you for getting out there and doing it! You've taken steps to positively improve your health and fitness - no one can take that away from you.

Secondly, try thinking of these 'perfect runners' as obnoxious tailgaters, driving expensive 4x4s. I always think that it's better if they're in front of me so I can watch what they're doing (and take evasive action if necessary) rather than worry about what they're up to / thinking about while they're behind me!

However, I must admit to being a treadmill runner so I take my glasses off when I run! I can't see anything so I can't be distracted by swinging hair or smug glances!

Good luck with your plan!


well done so far, and stick with it! I run very slowly, and I don't let it worry me any more. I run for me. This is my body, it does me ok and I enjoy the running and am getting fitter in the process. I used to find it quite demoralising too, especially as I run around Weybridge where the posh skinnies live, but I just give everyone a cheery hello (between gasps) and don't let it worry me (rarely get a hello back from the runners, but most cyclists and dog walkers smile back). I like to think they are wrapped up in their own problems rather than just being rude.

As others said, think how you were at the start, look how far you've come, and you are really only just at the beginning of this wonderful journey. Be proud of what you've achieved :-D

OMG - well done - I am on week six too and totally struggled with day one - especially after smashing the 20min jog. On to day 3 tonight so we will see - actually dreading it as the last two runs been torturous. I do it on treadmill so I believe that's slightly easier - but doesn't feel that way. Tho have to say, I started this January 2016 so I'm determined this time!

Tasha99Graduate in reply to cazlinay

This is from 5 years ago 🤔


It was 5 years ago


Oh bless you. No you are definitely not the only one who feels like this at times. I know I do. I'm doing it all at the gym and there are some very fit ladies & gents there that put me to shame. I'm always red faced with my hair plastered to my head & everyone else seems to still look pristine! But you know what - it's exercise not a fashion parade so I don't worry about it. Look how far you have come - you're doing great - I'monly on W4. We all have good runs & bad runs I bet the next one you'll feel really positive. You got this.


Oh of course. I felt like a 90 year old when I started. The other day I caught someone up. Who would have thought? Now, I’m a long way off being gazelle like but I’m out there doing it and faster than that person on the couch. They started somewhere ☺️

I see you’re a graduate now and I bet you look fab in your ‘Fabletics’ get up!


Oh no!. What's important is that you are running, not what other people think/look like. Be yourself and be proud. At 60 years old I don't care what anyone thinks. You're doing this for yourself and it's so much better than staying on the couch! I'm at the same stage as you - run 2 of week 6 completed. Glow with pride and go for it! Good luck

Those bastards are everywhere. They don’t even have the goddamn common courtesy to look even the slightest bit tired when I’ve managed to weave a snot-web from chin to chest.

I don’t think envy is the way to go though, vengeance seems to delivery better results...

I’m back here on my second go ‘round. I went up all the ladders and then wheeeeeee’d down the snakes all the way back to square 1. That’s demoralising, I can assure you.

I remember W6 and having a lot of conversations about it at the time. It seems to be everyone’s anti-climax after the apex of W5 and for it to fall at a time of post national debauchery is pretty bad luck. Stick at it and measure yourself against you only. Don’t let a bobbing pony tail knock your confidence. Just knock it into a bush next time. Keep on fadump, fadumping. Once when running I thought at length about starting a pot-hole repair company. You create your own market.

PaulS83 in reply to PaulS83

Have I, er, inadvertently replied to a 7 year old post? I’m a little bit slower witted than most of humanity, but that’s pretty special even for me...

Jell6Graduate in reply to PaulS83

🤣🤣🤣🤣, the thoughts are still relevant though, and the time you spent on your reply is, I feel , worthy of a reply!

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