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Couch to 5K
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Think I'm off the couch !

Thought I would try a run today as it's been 4 weeks since I hurt my knee (I have tried without success every Saturday since !) Took my week 9 podcast and just thought I would see what happened. Well I hadn't got more than a minute into the run when I felt a twinge so stopped and took knee support off. Then tried again and got about a minute before another twinge. So decided to walk back through the fields and of course tried again on the soft and amazingly I could do it with no pain so ran for 20 minutes :) could have kept going but decided I should end on a good note. Very happy indeed to find 20 mins so easy after 1 month off ! Can't wait for my next one now will be keeping things slow and steady until I know for sure my knee is better then no more downhill running for me ;)

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You might manage the downhills better just taking smaller strides (lots of little light thumps instead of intermittent thwacks on the ground). Where I live, there's no option of avoiding either up or down hills, and it's the downhills I'm cautious of. The nice thing about an uphill chug is it's pretty much all in control, whereas on the downslope the hill sometimes runs away from you, and it's quite hard to put on brakes without discomfort. However, I find that if I run down as lazily and slowly as possible, it sometimes helps, when the run is not nice and comfortable. (Lazily, meaning attempting to achieve neither braking nor forward propulsion - so it's quite hard to be lazy, ironically enough).


Fingers crossed for you that all is good with your Knee now , although if it still causes a problem when going downhill or even walking downstairs?? I would get it checked by a physio ... as I found it wasn't my knee that was the actual problem ..


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