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Off the couch


The hour went forward back in March, and so I started my journey off the couch. Running for a minute was hard, only exceeded by running for two lots of 10 minutes. I’ve had swollen ankles - got new trainers, pain in my calf - rested up, been on holiday - disrupted my routine, struggled with the heat - packed in for 3 weeks. And then today, I’ve only gone and done it - I ran 5K. Never thought it would happen. But do you know what - it just did!

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Wow... ups and downs on the route, but you got there and finished the job. Be very very proud.


Well done for completing it...kept going through all the ups and downs- awesome 😎

Yay! Well done. Some consolidation runs next? Park runs maybe?

Park run 1st week September, scary!

Sandie1961Graduate in reply to CJ7262

Well done! Don’t be scared of Park Run - it’s brilliant!



Well done!! Big medal for sticking with it xx

W.o.w!!! And what a journey! You must be so proud!!!

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