No need to be afraid

Today I have actually managed W3R1! I had been really nervous about it. Whilst running it I realised I was scared of failure. What was really strange is that I was really looking forward to the 90 second runs compared to last week when I struggled through each one.

3 minutes was hard and not very pretty but i did it. When it came to the 2nd I was dreading it as my legs were really starting to ache. Laura was a great help as was the talking in my head which said "don't be stupid, if you really can't do it then you can stop and try again Monday." I think it was looking forward to the sense of achievement that drove me to the end. I did it and I can do it again


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  • Brilliant! In many ways, you're busy with the most difficult part of this programme, where your level of uncertainty is at its highest, and you're still learning how to let yourself off the hook when you really need to (and, the other side of that coin, push yourself a bit, too). Most of us know what that feeling of accomplishment is like. And you know what? It IS a big accomplishment.

  • Well done ksea! I bet you're so proud of yourself.

    I'm starting w3 in a couple of days and I am a bit worried about the jump from jogging for 90 secs to 3mins but you've helped put my mind a little more at ease :)

  • Hi Afro girl, glad I could help and let me know how you get on

  • What you are telling yourself is absolutely right - what is the worst that can happen if you can't quite manage it? You just try again! I kept telling myself that I was doing great for going out there in the first place, so if I struggled or even had to repeat a run, it really didn't matter.

    I think I had to cut one of the very early runs parts (could have been even during week1) short, because I made the mistake of picking a route that wasn't flat enough and I remember having to start walking a bit earlier than scheduled. Changed the route again after that one and got my confidence back.

    Just remember that a) you deserve a pat on the back for doing this anyway and b) always believe you can do the next run, but don't worry if it doesn't work out.

  • It's a massive leap, going from doing nothing to running - especially when week 1 runs of just 1 minute can feel so ridiculously hard! I really thought I might expire after my first run. (It took me 30 minutes stretched out on the sofa before my breathing got back to anything like normal) so moving on to running for 3 times as long only a couple of weeks later seems a huge ask. The program really knows what its doing though. Trust it. Go slow and you will get there. What's more, the sense of achievement and of taking control of your life and succeeding at something is so awesome it will fire you up to try for more - and you can, you WILL do it.

    It's life affirming and life changing. Enjoy every second!

  • Well done, it's those moments of "I've done it" that inspire others.

    I completed week 2 and have had to delay week 3. Had to push an estate car off a busy roundabout.

    Left nursing a tender knee. So rest and ice.

    I'm sort of jealous of you guys pushing on in week 3+

    But I wasn't looking forward to 3mins of running : 90 secs that killed me.

    Keep it up , I will be behind you now so I'll use your posts to springboard back!


  • Sorry to hear that Nik! Take care of that knee and you'll be back in no time. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Well done!

    And I think we can all take something from your mantra:

    "I did it and I can do it again"

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