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Used that extra hour to FINISH!

Well sort of - Given my son still doesn't do clocks changing I decided to do my Wk9R3 on Sunday morning - and after a week of pitch black runs it was lovely to be out in the sunshine - albeit it was very cold.

So Talking Heads on the playlist this time - had to concentrate on my pace as got a bit carried away - and I still cant run up the hill that occurs about 1.5km in - but I kept going at brisk walk and started again at the top and did 3.5km in 30 minutes.

So does that count??

Well for me it does - I Can Not Believe I can "run" (it is still a jog really) for 30 minutes - or that when I do slow to a brisk walk, I start up again! Am so chuffed with myself I spent Sunday with a huge smile on my face.

I am determined that I will do 5km by the year end - and have just changed my rundouble app to distance to build myself up.

Treated myself to a graduation t-shirt - with sleeves for those early morning starts- and am honestly looking forward to tomorrow morning for Wk10R1 and the next goal :-)

Happy Running Everyone

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brilliant! thanks so much for sharing virtualrunner!!

it certainly does count in my book too!

get that t-shirt on! get out there and keep running!!



Aww thanks so much for the support :-)


Thats brilliant - another graduate! You must be so proud.......

Enjoy the moment and its great to see you are already prepared for your next run!



Thanks so much for that :-) it is comments from the community that really keep me going :-)


Well done you!! :-)


thanks :-) - hope your ankle is better soon vickicats and you get back to the programme!


Congratnations, virtualrunner!!! You have every reason to be very proud of yourself!! 30 minutes is an incredible milestone!!

Now, put on that new shirt, shine that new "Graduate" badge and Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve - you are such an inspiration - love your blogs!


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