W4R3 Swallowing the Crazy

W4R3 Swallowing the Crazy

Hey everyone! Just did w4r3 and I feel grand! I've been looking forward to it and working myself up to it all day and swallowing bits of my crazy to get me through, I was in a bit of a froth to get going! Sometimes I manage this and feel really great, I paced myself a lot better and was looking forward to the walking bits to stop so I could get going again. I even ran a lot of the warm down and managed a total of 4.87km in 31:20.

I really hope I can keep going this time and not go down hill mentally, I really appreciate everyone's support on this forum you all rock! Thankyou!!!!

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  • Wow, you're really cooking with gas! Well done! Stay strong - you're doing a great job.

  • Many thanks :) ! Well done to you also on week 5! Looking forwards to starting it too!

  • Well done... but, if you are only on Week 4.. why are you going so fast? Does it come naturally... I am just curious?

  • Hey Oldfloss, many thanks, I think it might be because I've done it before, Ive got a record of my last run I mapped before I went downhill and it was a 5k on 1st September, identical route but I got 26:40, even then I was starting again after another low period. I put on nearly 20kg since then.. 

    I started running in 2011 and got to doing 10ks in around 45 minutes and a 5k in 20 (both treadmill) but that took over a year. Then I got bad depression in 2012, left my PhD put on weight Since then Ive tried 6 or 7 times to start running again so I guess I'm keeping some cardio or my body is used to yoyoing.

     Also when Ive checked my heart rate at the gym its been nearly 200 bpm so I might be going too fast but I want everything to happen fast & I dont really care. The last slump was the worst and Im not doing it again. Also I listen to fast paced music, todays was one of my best albums for running (pendulum live at brixton). Ive never done it in a structured way like c25k before or joined a group so I think im in for a better chance of keeping going. Also I've not touched alcohol for nearly a month & the Manchester mental health people are awesome. 

    Sorry about the long reply, I can and tend to be an idiot. I don't think I'm a natural runner though, I found week 1 and 2 hard but my body must be used to changing activity and I'm just a bit desperate.

  • well done, just keep going and hopefully the regular running will help keep your mood in a good place, look forward to your next posts.

  • Thankyou heavyhorse! Im going to try! Hopefully I can keep the good craziness going for week 5 :) Well done on your first postgrad run also!

  • You might stick to it better if you don't push too fast. It sounds as if you want results and want to get back up there as quickly as possible. Then when it doesn't happen as quickly as you want you get demotivated and give up, which leads to depression etc. Why not just see running as a mood lightener and not a competition? Just go through the programme and enjoy without the statistics. A slow run can be fantastic. Only a suggestion - you sound quite "driven"! Or desperate as you put it. And that could be a recipe for failure! Good luck! ENJOY

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