Why does life get in the way of running? I may have to give one of them up. I was all set for doing a Park Run on Saturday (my first for several months) and planned to smash my pathetic PB as a stepping stone to doing my 10 miler in October. As some of you may know, I'm a farmer and, to cut a long story short, I climbed over a gate this morning as a lazy alternative to opening it and leaped from the top bar like the spring chicken, I imagine myself to be, only to discover I was actually an arthritic turkey. I landed heavily in a pothole (of course I was wearing unsuitable Countryfile style shoes) and went headlong whilst experiencing a searing pain in my ankle.

I had a pre Park-run, run planned for tonight and was not going to succumb to the injury couch so strapped myself up and did it and achieved my goal of a 7 minute K in the middle (okay don't scoff-you'll be old one day). BUT, my ankle is now up like a balloon and the knee on my other leg has come out on sympathy. I'm off out now for a late celebratory 46th wedding anniversary dinner , fortified by two ibuprofen, a glass of Chablis and with my ankle fetchngly strapped up with a horse's bright blue tail bandage. Let's see what tomorrow brings, I haven't given up yet!


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27 Replies

  • Oh no! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • YOU NAUGHTY GIRL!!! Running with a strapped up ankle!!! You are old enough to know better!! :) No sympathy from me !! :)

  • I didn't expect any Bazza! You are my disapproving alterego...

  • Ouch! From the sound of it, you need to remember that there will be another Parkrun just next Saturday, and get that swelling seen to. Last time my knee swole up it was water on the knee, and it took just the lightest touch to kick it over into black pain. (My patella twisted by 90 degrees, and stood on its side for a horrible moment, and then I needed to grab a wall quick.) Along with the arthritis comes improved wisdom. I think you need to make use of it now.

  • I know, I know, Gary , but my diary is full next Saturday. The Sewerby Hall Park Run fitted in so well! I am going to see how I feel in the morning and then make a plan. Life's too short to miss a Park Run!

  • No! Don't even want to think about it!

  • :D

  • Oh no TT! I suppose it's no good saying that you are old enough to know better! Get well soon.

  • No good at all UR. I feel so much better after a slap-up meal that I may just have to quaff another glass of medicinal chablis...

  • Oh nooooooo!! This is terrible news TT. There you are one minute giving life changing, well OK, run changing advice, and the next minute you're running on a strapped up ankle!! What can I say, except GET IT CHECKED OUT PROFESSIONALLY!! Honestly, don't mess about with your ankle, they take too bloomin' long to heal. Let us know how you are tomorrow, oh and very happy anniversary xx

  • Thank you AM. My ankles have suffered so much trauma in the past that they basically have no ligaments or other thingies left to damage, I am optimistic that with sufficient veterinary attention they will bounce back, Watch this space.

  • Professionals! What do they know that you can't learn from Google? ;-)

  • Oh no TT, what a nightmare. Be careful with that, I wouldn't think of running on it till it's checked out, and better. Have a glass or two of wine (it's a painkiller of course) and take it easy. "Other" TT xx

  • Have done that, Thanks for the advice. The pain has competely disappeared. Thanks vino! Let's see what the morning brings!

  • Ooh. I hadn't thought of that (the wine bit). What a good idea! ;-)

  • Awe, sucks, what a pain, quite literally. Please be good to your ankle. Give it a couple of days for the inflammation to subside before gong running again. I want to see you at the 10 miler in 10 weeks, so you don't hav time for exacerbated injuries, you gear me young spring chicken?

  • Thanks Tomas. Must be sensible, must be sensible, must be sensible....

  • Oh, poor you turnturtle - sounds like you may have to go easy for a few days! Heres hoping your ankle settes down soon.

  • I hope you heal up soon!

    46 years! Wow 😮☺

  • I know js. That's why I plan to be an endurance runner!

  • Owwwwwch :( Much as I admire your tenacity, it may be wiser to give your pegs a couple of days off, with or without a visit to the doc if needed. Love the combination of Ibuprufen and Chablis - shaken, not stirred? Hope it feels better after a night of rest (unless you try to dance, in which case, may the force be with you...)

  • I am numb mfamilias. That must be a good sign surely?

  • Oh dear! Sorry to hear you hurt yourself. Take it steady TT.

  • I will Miss Wobble. But I feel really good tonight! Maybe I just need to keep the blood alcohol level up?

  • I hope it's feeling better this morning? Sorry to hear about your antics - well, not about the antics, but about the uncomfortable results. Fingers crossed that everything settles, but please take it easy for a day or so, then you will be back out there and reporting in triumphantly from your 10 miler :)

  • Oh dear :-( take it easy (is that possible as a farmer?) Tail bandages are great though (as long as you wash them first! Few days box rest and you'll be fine. B-)

  • I start crib-biting after a few days box rest fatbarry ;-)

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