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Wk8 - has it clicked??? (after a Wk7 struggle!!!) :-)

Just back after an amazingly "comfortable" Wk8r2, 28 minute run!!!!

I have never been a runner.

Going right back to school, I hated cross country - we used to have hares, hounds, tortoises and snails - and they had to make up a group below that for me & my mate!!!

I could play football, squash, golf no problem - more short bursts of energy needed though rather than prolonged stamina.

A few years ago, I took up Spinning - can do 45 mins of that, but I still couldn't manage more than 3-5 minutes running before gasping for air and stopping to walk.

At the start of September - I found C25k and gave it a go.

I thought Wk1 looked relatively easy!!

I didn't even realise I was a couch potato - but my time & distance for that session was about what I had previously managed for what I deemed a "run".

I puffed & panted through the first 6 weeks.

Then struggled on Wk7 - but decided to push onto Week8.

Throughout the programme, my gremlins tell me I cannot possibly do this, my breathing is (as it always has been when I try to run) all over the place and I cannot distract myself as I am counting down the minutes / distance until I can stop!!!

This morning it was a bit chilly, I have a lot of work to do, I haven't really psyched myself up, I didn't really feel up to it, would I be better to have a rest day rather than a disappointing run - but I then read a few blogs on here & knew a bad run was better than no run!!

So I grabbed my shorts, then realised it probby was a bit cold for them!!!

Dare I wear my Ron Hill tracksters (bought in a fit of exuberance) sometime early in the programme??

But they are like tights!!!! I'm a Northern lad, I've never worn tights in my life!!!!!

I'll try them!!!

My missus' pre night out comments of "does my bum look big in this!!!" come to mind!!

They look a bit odd - but with a longish top I suppose I'll give it a go!!

I still feel a bit odd though!!!

So off I went!!

A chilly walk up a hill to start - then the run begins.

My crisis time usually hit between 5 & 10 mins - so my worries start - but 5 mins go by & I feel ok!!!

A few cars drive by and nobody laughs at a man in tights!!!!!!

Nobody even seems to notice me - perhaps I don't look too out of place!!!

I then start a steady ascent to the top of a (small) hill where I usually really puff & pant & struggle to keep going - but I reach the top and a few deep breaths see me through!!!

From there on in (about 10 minutes into my run) - I feel good, for the first time EVER running!!

After another 5 minutes & realise I am not struggling to breathe, I am just breathing!!!!

Actually breathing without having to think about it!!!

I am not counting steps.

I am not trying to think of names of people, countries, cities, in alphabetical order to try to distract me from thinking about running - I am just trotting along.

A bit later, Laura tells me I have 5 mins to go & a little panic sets in when I realise I have been properly running for 23 mins (I can't do that,can I??), but I soon get back into rhythm and finish the full 28 minutes!!!

MapMyRun tells me I have gone 3.9 km - not fast - BUT I RAN COMFORTABLY FOR 28 MINUTES!!!!!!

Has it clicked??

It really felt like it when I was running!!!

Even while typing this, my gremlins are telling me it was a one off and I will be overconfident on my next run & struggle - but I am thinking maybe not (I hope not!!!!)

To anyone struggling or wondering if this is really for them - keep at it!!

I never thought this would work - even after this run. I still strangely have my doubts!!!

But the results seem to say otherwise!!!

Sorry this has been a long Blog - but I am dead chuffed with what I have done and am still amazed that something has just "clicked"!!

Off to take my tights off now before I get used to them!!!!!


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> Off to take my tights off now before I get used to them!!!!!

LOL! ;-)

Nice blog, and it's brilliant to reach that stage where you feel you were running comfortably, isn't it? Even if some future runs feel hard (and they probably will, if/when you push yourself) you know you can run without thinking you're too breathless to continue.


Fantastic, Spud!!! A marvelous run, indeed!!!

I do feel the need to correct one thing, though. You said, "I have never been a runner.". Incorrect!! YOU ARE A RUNNER NOW!!!!!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



>After another 5 minutes & realise I am not struggling to breathe, I am just breathing!!!!

And when you take your iPod off you'll probably notice that you're not making too much noise breathing either. I listen to my audiobook now Laura's not with me and had to turn it off on Sunday as there was too much traffic noise. With it on my breathing sounded really noisy, without it it just sounded like normal breathing. I was as surprised as you sound!

And about the tights...... Even us women are a bit leery of wearing them, or this one is. Though it may be something to do with them being a size 10 where two years ago I was wearing a size 22 (they'd be a size 12 but there were no size 12s so I had to 'settle' for a 10!!!).

Well done, don't listen to the gremlins, you're doing well and you can easily out-distance them now!


Brilliant! There's nothing like the first time - not having to think about breathing and enjoying a run that is :-). Shame all runs can't be like this tight or not.

Congratulations on feeling the power of a fantastic run.


Meant to say - wearing tights or not


Well done Spud! I'm right behind you! :-)


Well done Spud, your blog is going to inspire me onwards.


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