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Storm dodging

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Hello everyone

Yesterday was just too sticky for a run(-walk) after work - I have immense respect for those of you down south running in higher temperatures than here. The promised storm hit as we were heading to meet friends for a drink, so we got just a tad wet. Nevermind, I thought, that means it will be clear and fresh tomorrow.

So about 5pm today I was thinking about getting ready for that run, and went to get changed. Realised that the sky out the front was looking somewhat dark and my brain registered that the distant rumbling sounds I'd not paid attention to were probably thunder. Quick check of lightning maps and yes, there is a storm heading right for us. So run on hold as I wait for it to pass - and so glad I did as not long after the skies opened and the rain and hail came down in buckets.

Distracted by watching the lightning map showing the storm heading north to Newcastle, I finally went to get changed again. Skies opened again, more rain. Hmmm every time I think about running it absolutely tips it down. Get ready anyway and wait for the latest deluge to end. Once I'm sure it has I set off for my gentle run-walk. Decided that after my experiences in Scotland I'd be strict and stick to 5 min walk, 5 X1 minute runs interspersed with 1 min walking, then walk the rest of the way home.

Ok, so road is very wet and I'm being sprayed by cars but I want to keep on the flat and I know the pavement diverges from the road in a little while. Realise I'm walking towards another massive black cloud. Botheration. Stick to alternating gentle slow running and brisk walking, 1 minute each, eyeing that cloud. About half-way I turn my back on it to head back home - much brighter in this direction, but check over my shoulder a few times. The cloud is making progress. Accidentally do an extra 1 minute run as distracted by cloud.

Time for brisk walking home. Nearly there, heading across the little field at the back of our estate and feel a couple of massive wet drops of rain. Maybe it will hold off, I'm not far from home, just another couple of minutes walking... Argh no chance! A few seconds later and rain starts pouring down in earnest. The sort of rain with massive extremely wet drops that drench you in no time. Should I carry on walking or run for it? I shouldn't be running as this is my cool down walk, but then it starts to hail and that decides it - I scoot down the path torn between running as fast as I can to get out of the storm and keeping it slow as I'm supposed to be taking it easy. I keep it slow(ish) and leave the little shelter of the trees for the last stretch to my front door. Phew, not too much of a drowned rat, it could have been worse!

Still aware of discomfort in my right leg, and my left quadriceps started kicking up a fuss (not you too, left leg!), so will aim to repeat that in a couple of days and see how things feel. Hopefully minus the storms. I think overall they won that one.

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Aah well done Eiralas! I think you won that one hands down! 😉! The storm tactics didn’t stop you from running in fact it made you run a little bit more! You did it! 😁😁😁! Another run on the road to full recovery! There must be some strengthening going on here too! Fabulous job!! Rest well and enjoy your next session!! ❤️

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EiralasGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Ha ha, I should have known you would see the positive side ;-) Love it ❤️

I'm just a little frustrated that I'm still finding these 'easing back into it' runs uncomfortable on the leg - and that the storm forced me to run more than I intended. I'm sure I overdid it a bit in Scotland so was determined to do the bare minimum this time.

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Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Eiralas

Hey, what can I say? I think if you’ve gone out there, no matter the result it’s actually always a big win!! Ease back in Eiralas you know what’s really the greatest thing? You want to run so much! Looking back before you started, can you imagine being frustrated by not being able to run as long as you would like? I know I couldn’t! I’d be like, pass the pouffe, I need to put my feet up! 😂

👌🏽 You’re running again now and doing a brilliant job! 😁😁😁❤️

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EiralasGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Very good points. You're right, I would never have thought that I'd be annoyed about not being able to run, or even that I'd be out trying to fit one in inbetween rainstorms ⛈. I need to stay patient!

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The rain can be good... **** those hailstones though! Great story and well done on almost dodging the storms to get out there and do this. Extra run home means you still had some in the tank, so you’re set for the step up on the next week. Owning it, enjoy the next one.

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EiralasGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Gentle rain would have been refreshing - feeling like you were having buckets of water tipped over you, with added hailstones, not so much 😉

Am trying to follow physio's orders - no increasing the running until pain is gone, and I'm not there yet, so sadly still half on the injury couch 😔

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Determination or what? And from someone who's from "the sarfff", it's been awful the past few weeks!!!

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EiralasGraduate in reply to antonioa

I dread to think! It's been bad enough up here. I lived in London a couple of times and it was a tough place to be in hot weather...

Echoing the others - great determination and great report, I was there wth you! ☔️

I live in Bedford and it’s been boiling! It’s cooling down now but I’m away! 😂 can’t win!

Keep resting and you’ll be back in no time 🏃‍♀️🐌

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EiralasGraduate in reply to LoungeLizaard

I wish you were - maybe you could have lent me that umbrella!

I hope you get some respite from the heat down there, or have you taken it with you?

Back stretches before bed (cat is out, so unassisted this time), and will see how things feel tomorrow.

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You did brilliantly and despite the weather:)

The joy, certainly for me, is in these days when things are against us, but there is still an exhilarating enjoyment there... and you certainly found it..the hail though... wow!

What a super run and you are a super runner!!

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EiralasGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks OldFloss. Yes when the hail started coming down I just though 'ah pants, I'm going to have to run for it'

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That’s great Eiralas! Great story and great run! Glad you are making progress off the IC. Take it easy and look after yourself. 😀

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EiralasGraduate in reply to _SimonT_

Thanks Simon - I will try!

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