Couch to 5K

Week 5 started!! It really does get easier

Feeling really proud of myself for getting to week 5. Just been out for run 1 this evening and it felt really good. It was pouring with rain & that actually made me feel even better - like I was really achieving something by heading out in it.

For anyone struggling trust in the programme. It really does help you build up slowly. Yes some days are easier than others but a couple of weeks ago I was struggling with 3 mins of running and tonight I did 5 mins (3 times). Looking forward to run 2 now!!

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Well done for your first run of week 5. It's surprising how quickly the weeks go. Good luck for your next couple of runs. Best wishes.


Fantastic, well done. I love running in the rain, it keeps me cool and makes me feel a bit intrepid! x


Thanks for the positive post. I increased from 3 min to 4 min last night and it was a struggle (although I did it). Nice to hear it gets easier


Nice to hear, I'm starting w5r1 tomorrow and looking forward to it, although I'm using a treadmill for now on a 2 incline to take it easy and look after dodgy ankles.!


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