Guess who just ran for 20 minutes?


I can't believe it, I am sooooooo happy I could cry. Thank you all you wonderful people. I don't know where it came from or how, the longest I had managed before was just under 14 mins!

I have been faltering for weeks and weeks over this W5R3 and along that route you have picked me up, dusted me down and kept me going. Then 2 weeks ago a plethora of posts came in that changed my mind set and clearly changed my life.

I set off on Park Run and within 2 minutes wanted to stop, my bum hurt, my knees hurt, my calves were tight, then as I approached the 1km post everything just seemed to relax, my shoulders sank, my step seemed to get lighter and the breathing steadied down. The next thing I knew I had passed the 2km for the first time in 42 Park runs. I will admit at 17 mins I was done and looking for my cardio surgeon for my weekly heart and lung transplant on the finish line, but there was no way in hell I was giving up now. 18 mins and I tripped but didn't fall, caught my breath and was sick, which didn't help but I was already composing this post in my mind. There was no way this wasn't going to happen now. I think I watched the last 30 seconds tick by and did stop jogging at 20minutes and 3/100ths of a second!

So if there is anyone else out there doubting themselves, thinking this is impossible I will never do this, there really is no such thing as NEVER. Keep doing the best you can, you may even go backwards at times, but never mind, keep updating these wonderful people on this site and between you, you WILL succeed. (No jokes about parrots with no teeth please) The run maybe called Week5 but actually i think it is week13 for me, but who cares? I sure has hell don't any more.

As an added bonus I also went on to set my 4th Park Run PB in 4 straight weeks.

So a HUGE thank you to all of you for your support and giving me faith in my great Uncle Percy Veriance !

I love you all, well the ladies anyway, and a big manly handshake to all the guys.

Week 6 next week, piece of cake I am sure.

Off for a soak in the bath.


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  • Well done, magic isn't it. When I run I always think of the film forest gump. Run forest run.

    Now start to enjoy those runs. X

  • Well done! Yes, that impossible 20 minute run is a real Everest, isn't it? I think most of us know exactly how you're feeling.

  • PROUD, no stopping you now! With regards to your body hurting to begin with, try warming up first then that relaxing feeling will kick in at the beginning of your race. Well done though an epic achievement

  • Got there in the end !!!! We KNEW you could do it ! Absolutely fantastic as I know this has been big mental hurdle for you. There will be no stopping you now that you know you CAN do it after all.

  • Oh wow I'm sooooooo pleased for you and I can feel your joy coming through in that lovely blog... A huge well done from me and thanks for the love ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • I KNEW you could do it! Sorry to hear it made you chunder, but now when those gremlins keep telling you that you can't do it, you can launch a projectile vomit in their direction and tell them to bugger off.

    I took 17 weeks for the 9 week plan, and I know lots of people who have taken even longer. It's not a race, it's a lifestyle choice.

    Now have a nice rest, as Week 6 Run 1 is a killer!

  • Oh thanks for that!!!!!!!!

  • All part of the service x

  • (In the interests of reassuring you - I did W6R1 today and found it ok - certainly much easier than 20 minutes!!) :)

  • Thanks Sarah that very reassuring of you. I never did like 'useitorloseit' and her mate 'ancient mum' further down!!!!!

  • Haha! If you've done 20 you can do 5/8/5 with breaks no problem! :)

  • thats brilliant CC! very well done! we are all proud of you :)

  • It's an amazing feeling, isn't it? You must feel so proud. Well done :)

  • Yoooooooooo!! CC, you are getting there. That run sounds like you were up against it, but those are the ones that you put in the reference library of previous experience, enabling you to outdo yourself again at a future date. Keep going, it is so worthwhile.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Well done, especially for persevering like you did. Very pleased for you!

  • WOOT WOOT! Mfam leaps madly in kitchen, flailing her pompoms around. Go youuuuuu! I'm so proud of you, CC. You've proved to yourself that you can be so much stronger than the self-doubt gremlins. It takes guts. Even if you have to spew them in the process. Onwards, forwards and never say never again!

  • Could you flail those Poms Poms again I think I missed them the first time.

  • No probs. Glitter pompoms or lurid pink and yellow? :D

  • Glitter definitely glitter.


  • Hooray! I've been wondering about you and scanning the forums for an update. Well done, you should be so proud of yourself. This post just made my day.

  • Woo Hoo Yeeeeeeeeee-aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!!!!

    Well done Chump you Champ ! I knew you could do it, I just knew it :-)

    Youre A-number-one, top of the list, King of the hill, A-number - one .

    Fab, I am so so pleased for you, Ah thats the dogs wotsits , Brilliant ! :-D xxx

  • My non running blues, are melting away.

    I made a brand you start of it

    In old Black Park

    and if I can run there, I can run any where,

    its up to you Park Run, Paaaark run!

  • Ha ha Brilliant ! :-D

    You did it "Your Way " :-) xxx

  • I planned, this dreaded course;

    Each painful step along the Parkrun

    And swore, and chocked and cried,

    and did it my way.

    Thank you and good night x

  • Tee Hee ! Fab stuff CC :-)

    You gotta love "Ole Blue Eyes " xxx

  • YEEEEES!!! Go CC!!!

    I knew you would and you have done it - that is so fantastic!!! Love your post, you sound really so happy !

  • Happy, you have no idea, although just a little quiet now having gone to the Pub at 11:55am and only just got in!! Thank goodness I am not running tomorrow.

  • Good for you... Had too much red wine last night and did go for a run this morning... ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  • Hooray! Knew you would crack it! Onwards and upwards now!

  • YAYYYYYYY!!!! That's the best news I've heard all week (month, year?!)

    Was going to message you to wish you luck yesterday but forgot (my bad).

    What a great post, and thanks for sharing with us all.

    P x

    Btw: We KNEW you could do it!!!!! *Waves a few pom poms a la MFam*

  • You must be feeling very pleased with yourself and so you should, that's perserverance at its best. Great stuff well done.

  • Very very well done. I'm in awe of anyone who can throw up and continue running. I'd have been crying at the side of the track! Beware w6, it's a barsteward! But, after your heroic, yes heroic, effort at Parkrun, you can so do it! Go you!!!

  • Do you mind, you and 'useitorloseit' are both filling me with no end of confidence for Week6 I'll be trying that tomorrow but don't want to look now.

  • Brrriiiilllliant - very well done you. So pleased for you. You really went through the mill to get there but YOU DID IT!!!

    Wk6r1 is bad (it's run walk again) but I bet you ace it. Very best wishes for the rest of the programme.

  • That's terrific CC. Well done.

    That is without doubt the biggest mental barrier of the program and now that you are over it, I am sure it will be much smoother sailing from here until you graduate.

    Again, well done.

  • So hat's what I have been doing wrong!! I've been running all this time when I should have been sailing! I wish you had said before.

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