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Just enjoying the running!

Two runs since graduating and I am just loving it!!

The first one a night run - luminous jacket on, head torch on (I must've looked like a right wally). It was hot and steamy, no Laura to accompany me, my own music to run to and I ran for the full 30 minutes, temperature check at the end was 32degrees! Never would I have thought I could run in that kind of temperature even a year ago!

For run 2 it was an early morning run, much fresher and I had a different running partner to Laura for a change! My lovely friend is visiting and we are going out together for the next week. The run included chatting, laughter, silly stories, a bit of healthy competition and a sprint finish with big smiles.

The next run is on the discovery of a new route and I'm already looking forward to it. Enjoy your running this weekend people!

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How very great to have a friend to run with. Love the idea of the chatting, the competition and the sprint finish. Have fun :)


Well done Reidy, impressed by the night run - not something we've attempted....yet! Glad you've got someone to run with at the moment, it seems to make time pass more quickly. Best wishes for your runs next week!


It gets better and better...........

Keep running, keep smiling.


Sounds lovely. Keep that fun and enjoyment and you won't go far wrong :)


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