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Winter Weather Running

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I was wondering how you outdoor-runners cope with tackling your runs when it may be snowing or the temperature is below freezing. Do you skip the run entirely or are there any techniques or equipment you might employ? I'd hate to think the weather would be setting me back on my progress, and the forecast is looking ominous over the next 2 or 3 weeks. I've been looking at Yak-Traks and wonder if anyone might recommend them or something similar? I'm not so worried about my body temperature - I seem quite immune to cold-weather running - but slipping on ice or trying to run on snow is a big concern.

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I’ve just asked a similar question - it’s so tempting just to put my jammies on tonight as it’s raining.... 🌧🌧🌧

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driver08ukGraduate in reply to DipsyBelle

A drop or two of rain won't hurt! I won't let that stop me (unless it's torrential). In fact, it might be beneficial as it will keep you cool. I can deal with cold and wet, but strong winds and ice are definitely a concern.

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For me ice will be a no-no, so I’m hoping there’s not much of it this year. I could see fresh snow being great to run in, I always love walking in it. Yak-traks would need a lot of ice I think as they’d be awkward in between ice patches, but thinking about it they may work wonderfully on grass. I’ve also looked at day passes for gyms and just sucking it up on the treadmill, which may be my preferred option, and if I hate it I’ll be able to swim at least 😂

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driver08ukGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I suppose missing a week or so due to icy weather is better than missing a couple of months or so with a broken ankle!!

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to driver08uk

That would be my preference! We are lucky in that we rarely get weeks of it back to back... we’ll not where I am anyway.

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It's not to get too bad. You must expect some cold weather in January, the weather experts say it MIGHT get very cold with heavy snow at the end of January, but on the other hand it might just be ordinary cold.

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driver08ukGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Let's hope so!!

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Ice is the big hazard and deep snow is virtually impossible.

That said, our members in Canada and the States are way tougher than most of us and seem to keep going in low, low temperatures.

Protect your extremities and layer up and you will have some great winter adventures.

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Mildoy freezing temperatures are OK, just add a layer of clothing and enjoy the absence of mud. Black ice is one of the few things that would keep me from running, but if there are just a few icy patches I would just choose a grassy route. Less than ankle- deep snow is also fine, and we rarely ever get more snow!

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