W9R2 - eventually!

Well, I thought it would be easier to fit in runs once schools had broken up. I was wrong! We managed to get our act together earlier on today and laced up our running shoes. Still enjoyable, still glad we've done it together and still excited that there's only one run left now until graduation. My only question is...what's happened to Summer?!?


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10 Replies

  • summer has been and gone !! and yes I'm finding its even harder to fit in runs here too now the kiddies are at home all day

    well done today, and good luck to you both with the last run

  • Thank you! I'm thinking of getting my two younger daughters to ride their bikes alongside us on our graduation run, a kind of celebratory team effort - fingers crossed it's not a heavy downpour!

  • i've just done this morning (whilst hubby and kids were still sleeping!) week 9 run 2, one left to go, hoping i'll have some energy left on thursday evening after a very long day at work. good luck with the run and the weather (i managed to dodge the rain today, i dont know how?). have you thought about what your going to do when you have graduated??

  • Well done for W9R2 - we're so nearly there! Best wishes for Thursday too. After graduation I was planning on a couple more runs to consolidate 30 mins. and then Reidy had mentioned the C25K+ podcasts. I had a vague plan to try and keep doing three runs a week (1x timed run, 1x distance run and 1x fartlek run) but as long as we keep running I don't really mind! Have you got any plans?

  • im going to do 'Parkrun' ive already registered, and been for a nosey at two of the local ones, so planning to do either one of these weekly and also to volunteer occasionally at parkrun. thinking that this will be good way to meet other peeps who run,

    i did listen to one of the c25k + podcasts a few weeks back, but back then it seemed scary, a bit like the c25k did at the beginning, so may give this a bash and see what its like. but as you say, just to keep running :-)

  • Sounds like a good plan. Our nearest park run is about 40 minutes away, which has put me off to date...that and the thought that we might be the slowest there! Definitely something to bear in mind for the future. There's also a 5k Pretty Muddy not too far from us in June 2016. Although it's a long way off, I thought it might give us the incentive to keep going!

  • We are very lucky to have two parkruns nearby to us and im expecting to be last but knowing that there is a tailrunner is helping as it means if I am then I wont be crossing the finish line alone. A 5k pretty muddy doesnt appeal to me if im honest, but i can imagine that to a lot of people it could be a lot of fun and its a great incentive to carry on running long term. sign up and enjoy :-)

  • I'm going to do wk9 r3 tomorrow - and can't imagine running without Laura!! I'll have to check out the other podcasts too, I think...who'd have thought I'd be even thinking about this as it doesn't seem long since I was arriving home triumphantly after wk 1 r1😊 all the best to you and keep posting - it's really helped me reading everyone's posts!

  • Good Luck with your run tomorrow. The end of 9 weeks - how did that happen! When week one seemed a challenge, graduation at the end of week 9 seemed unimaginable. Will keep you posted on our progress...

  • Thank you - it does seem to have come round rather quickly, but I do remember finding wk 5-6 really hard! I'm thinking of trying our local park run ( it's walking distance from my house!) but am hoping to continue tomorrow's run until I've actually done 5K first- but who knows, I'll probably just be clinging to the nearest lamppost in relief that it's all over 😉 All the best and keep posting!

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