Wk9 R2

It's gonna be a long week 9, I can tell!! 3 days later than scheduled, due to unprecedented tropical storms that have left me with water leaking through my bedroom ceiling, five litres of water mopped up from the hallway by the front door, water leaking down the chimney and through the lounge wall, this morning I managed to get this run in! Hopefully heading for graduation on Monday, fingers crossed!

4 Replies

  • Oh no, how awful! Fingers crossed for graduating and hope everything dries out quickly :)

  • What happened to Summer?!? Hope everything's starting to dry out...Well done for W9R2, looks like ours will be tomorrow as life has got in the way here too (but nothing quite as dramatic!). All our best wishes for your graduation run x

  • Wow, you have been through it. Keep going though, you are so close to graduation. Good luck for tomorrow, the weather is forecast to be much better !

  • That sounds awful Reidy. Hope everything gets sorted soon. Good luck with your last two runs - graduation is within grasp!!!

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