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Wk9 r2


My hardest run yet! Really felt like going in but I didn't so pleased I made it and hope I can find my moji for my last run on Saturday!

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That was my hardest run out of the whole C25k, lord knows why as I had already run 30 mins 2 days before, and once by accident the week before.

Anyway, w9r3 was easier lol so hang in there

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Thank you I will hang in there I hope next o ne is easier

well done Shar71, enjoy a rest day and relax, your graduation spot awaits 🏃‍♀️😊

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Thank you have enjoyed my rest day been pampered with a mini make over and photo shoot with my daughter today


Well done. Graduation is just one little run away!


Rest and stretch tomorrow. Plenty water, it’s going to be hot. You are going to have a great run on Saturday. You are ready for this. 🍀. I am looking forward to seeing “graduate” after your name. 🤗

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I totally forgot about the graduate badge! Xx

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Thanks delly-dot, looking forward to it but feeling a bit apprehensive at same time x

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Big day tomorrow! Don’t be apprehensive. You are going to be brilliant. I bet you do the whole run with a smile on your face 😊 🏃‍♀️ . I am really looking forward to seeing your post on the forum. Good luck. I’ll be thinking of you 😉 🤗

You are going to smash it up! So pleased for you xx

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Thank you xx


Well done! You’re almost there (I’m sounding like Laura now ha ha). My week 9 first run yesterday felt hard but I’m hoping it was just the Run 1 feeling that I seem to get. You’ll be a graduate after your next run! Wow. I’ll be right behind you on Monday morning. Good luck! 😊🏃🏻‍♀️

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Good luck to u too 🍀

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