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First run with the dinner plate

First run in a fortnight today due to having had a cold/chest virus. I'm doing a HM in October so hope my training isn't too disrupted from now on as I want to improve on my last one where my finish time included 10 minutes for an impromptu massage in the road due to cramp in both legs.

So today's run was an 'easy' (think sloth on Valium) 5k. On the way to my trail I was attacked, only word for it, by several butterflies intent on putting me off my stride as they hit me in my eye, head, shoulder, arm and even tried to trip me up by being on the ground. Luckily I saw it before I stepped on it as that part is an eyes to the ground watching out for slippery slugs, snails and horse muck!

Up to now I've run with Pinkie (Garmin 10) and she is great but I find reading the figures virtually impossible without my glasses - and I don't take them with me as they are 'only' reading ones. Just as I went down with the virus OH bought me the 220, as of today aka The Dinner Plate - it is big. The body is actually as wide as my wrist and the screen is readable to me at c1inch. Thought I knew how to use - wrong! Pressed the buttons but failed to switch it off, as I discovered later when I went to log my run, 90mins for 5k. Now it was meant to be a slow run but there are limits :-)

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yu should be able to edit your run a bit - cut out the overrun bit to get a more realistic figure


Thanks, I thought I could but then managed to delete it! More practise required.


Ha ha. I've just been given a 220 too, - really like that I can read it on the go and it's great for intervals too as I generally do run/walk these days.


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