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Another week of ice and IC (if there is room!)

After 2 weeks of no running I decided to get a knee support and try again, warm up walk went well but 1st step of running hurt so I stopped and went back home with my head held low ;( I am going to rest for another week with brisk walks to keep up my fitness a bit. Really wish I didn't do that hilly Park Run now ;) Happy running everyone !

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Just took my dog for a walk round the fields and decided to try a very very slow jog and I could do it ! I was running again although short and very slow but still running that will do for now ;) I haven't run with such a big smile since my Graduation Run :) :)


Aww. Feel better. It's amazing how the littlest of runs feels amazing after a stint on the injury couch.

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Aww. Take it easy and I'm sure you'll soon be back to it!


To keep your cardio system up try rowing, cycling and/or swimming. These are all non-weight bearing exercises.


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