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Getting there - any advice if run only twice a week?


Hello So after a few bumps slowly getting to the end - Did W9 R1 last night (albeit v slowly - ave was 6.5 kmph on the treadmill)

Anyway at present I am only able to run twice a week (tues / weds after work) and Sat am due to a change on work / home patterns so obviously taking longer to complete but also notice that since doing this its more of a struggle - I assume its as not running three time a week takes longer to build up stamina and muscle memory. is there anything to bear in mind if am just running twice a week

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Maybe just make sure you get a really brisk walk done during a lunch break or something?

Or some kind of cross training?

Also? Well done! You’re nearly there 😊

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Thanks Maddee yeah times are a struggle - too many meetings at work!!!

It works both ways, two or three days off between runs gives your body more time to recover. Keep at it, you're nearly there now :)


Great thanks! yes was hoping gives more time to recover but wanting to try and keep going to finish whilst not being able to do the three runs - Hoping in a weeks time we are done

You’ll be fine with twice a week if that’s all you can do. Use the stairs instead of a lift, and do some brisk walking etc

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Thanks Dexy, yeah maybe need to try some time on the Thursday (Currently doing Tuesday pm and Sat am)


Don't forget that twice a week is a lot better thsn not at all, but as others have said, look for those little opportunities to do exercise, using stairs not lifts, a 10 minute walk round the block at lunchtime, etc. It all adds up and you will soon be there, looking forward to the graduation post!

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Thanks Berksrover, yes two better than zero!. I try to do stairs but not so good on the walking, might try Thursday am - a short burst rather than full 30 minutes (then don't need to get up quite so early!)


In between meetings, take a quick paced 1-2 min walk around the office. If there are stains, use them for this mini exercise. I try to get this in once an hour at work when I can, or as often as I can. Recently, I have also started these brilliant knee exercises for runners

Feeling stronger for it already! So close now!

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Cool, exercises on one of the other days could be easy solution as less time / prep required


I am very interested in your post. Your pace at (near) graduation is virtually the same as mine was 2 months ago. You will be aware that the average pace (at least by those who post) is brisker (usually >4k in 30 minutes) with a minority achieving >5k. There are oodles of posts reporting rapid progress in the immediate post-graduation phase of these "better" runners, but little info about the progress of the rest. I have done 22 post-graduation runs and my pace is still 3.2k in 30 minutes. I would really like to know if a really slow pace at graduation is a predictor of future slow progress. I don't think this matters at all if your goal is health, but it might be a disappointment and disincentive for some.

Good luck with with graduation. I hope your future progress makes you happy. I'd really like to hear how you get on.

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Firstly many congrats on graduating, hoping to be there in a couple weeks!

yeah the pace is one that I think I struggle with - in early weeks I was doing them at 7.5kph but when it got to longer runs found that impossible so took the advice to slow down and now I start at 7kph and see how long I can cope at that and then ease down.. Last run goto 15 mins at 7, then 6.5 for about 5 mins and then I think 6 for the last 10 to ensure I finished.

Am not sure if I am not pushing myself enough or not.. or might be running I not my thing - even when at school when I did lots of sports cross country was always a bad day! But doing this to try and build some fitness. In my head would like to do the 5k (parkrun) but feel I need to get bit faster first

Current plan is to graduate and hopefully get more comfortable at the 30 mins then see if can speed a bit - based on views above I may try and fit the third time in but do say 10 mins run and some exercises with the run being at faster speed but first thing first trying to do next two runs and graduate!

Thanks for responding really helpful

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