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W8r1 again - is there a way out of this?

For no real reason I've just not been able to get moving this week and my last run was 6 days ago.  Maybe it's been the rain and hail, maybe it's been looking at a miserable Poppy getting over her operation (maybe she needs someone to sit with her?), maybe it's because I've got a lot in my mind, maybe I'm just lazy, but it would be so easy to give up now.

Older daughter had other ideas and literally bullied me out of bed this morning to restart with week 8 as I really didn't get that week properly under my belt.  We set off early in the cold morning air with Laura and headed for daughter's favourite route amongst the nearby hills.  It was clear that I couldn't keep up the pace so she went on ahead doing an extra loop to double back to me.  I got hot so hid my jumper in the bushes to retrieve later.  A runner coming towards me said "hurry up Mum and mind the ..." as he disappeared into the distance.  Through the gates and reunited way beyond my usual route we headed for the hills.  "I want to get to the top of that hill!" she called with her youthful enthusiasm.  Looking at my horrified face she said I could take the low path and meet her at the end.

I lurched ahead and had just got to an unknown field when I saw what the previous runner had warned about.  "mind the ... dogs!".  Free running large dogs who didn't look too friendly.  I didn't want to get too far from my daughter so headed uphill towards her direction.  This was not running, more crawling and my lungs were bursting as I got to the top, through the gate to safety and caught a glimpse of her at the top of the adjacent hill.  Between us were steep cliffs and mud, lots of mud after all the rain, there was no option but to head downhill clinging to the barbed wire fence for support.   At the bottom were three men yelling at my daughter who was still up high.  Confused, she headed to where she had last seen me and I turned back again to meet up with her.  It turned out that the men were concerned that she was lost and that I was desperately trying to find her (beetroot face strikes again).  We turned towards home but I was definitely flagging.  "Come on Mum, the walkers behind are catching us up".  I really didn't think I could even complete the last 60 seconds and was almost in tears.  It was only the encouragement of my daughter that kept me going.  I found my jumper and listened to the music as we walked ... the words said something about "is there any other way out of this?" and I was wondering too, in my exhaustion being a couch potato had its merits!   In hindsight I can see that I was running beyond my comfortable pace, a bit stressed - and I do miss Poppy's company.

I know this is good for me in so many ways but this week has been mentally tough and when I get low I tend not to eat properly.  That doesn't help, but I'm back running again and hope I can get back on track - after all, I've got a badge to get and weight to lose!

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I think you did very well with all that going on to distract you,not to mention the hills. I'm sure you'll be back on track soon- you've been inspirational to those of us who started the plan after you so you've got it in you to get motivated again. You'd feel really regretful if you let yourself give up when you've achieved so much - becoming a runner, entertaining the masses with your blogs, surprising your proud hubbie........Here's hoping your next blog will be as joyful as the previous ones :-)


I think that you are being far too hard on yourself. That was a difficult run after a difficult week but the point is you went out and you did it. That took guts - stunning.

Hope Poppy is recovering well. Look after her and go for it when you feel ready. You are not a quitter so don't worry.


That sounded like it would have been a nightmare run for any of us. Big hug!

You know what Laura would say - its a bad run, forget it. i think it's really difficult when a major part of our routine changes, for you that's been the loss of Poppy's company. You'll be ok - you just need to get a rest in after what what definitely a hard run and then go and do a route that suits you. You CAN do this!! xx


I have just done week 8 and it was the hardest so far, I had an ok run the first time, the pits of the world run the second time and a good one for the third. It is a mental challenge because it seems like you have done the hard work and this is just coasting on to week 9 but the long runs one after another without any breaks to walk are tough on the motivation. but you are so close now don't let one bad run put you off. I am holding on for the "runners high" thats what keeps me going!


very, very close, so close. Wondering why after week 8 you didn't just go on for week 9 anyway? What have I missed? :) my first run after 6 days and I bottled it at 15 mins and I've had my butt kicked :)

Poppy not dragging out the post op sympathy thing is she?... (give her an ear rub from me)

deep breath, limited faffing, steady, no hills, smile, chocolate waiting for when you get back :)


Ok, I get the nudge. Off to get in some chocolate supplies and maybe a bit of nice healthy fruit. Poppy appreciated her ear rub, on vets orders to take it easy for another few days then look out week 9, here we come.


I did wonder how you were getting on as I hadn't seen any of your posts for a while.

You did the run though, so be proud, maybe next time slow the pace and try a simpler route so you dont get discouraged.

Hope Poppy recovers well.


Thanks to everyone for their encouragement, one of the great things about this blog. Just mapped out the run. Did 3.9km (felt like mostly uphill) compared to my usual flat 3.1km. Even by my dodgy maths that's 20% more than my usual distance. No wonder my knees are stiff, bet they'll be better after some chocolate - off to the shops now!


That sounds like a really tough run - I just don't DO hills!! Don't be hard on yourself - you are still running and soon you will have Poppy's company again. Good on your daughter for encouraging you to go out though. :-)


Can't add much to what's already been said, but can empathise. Although I'm now vey happy running on the flat, I just don't seem to be able to cope with hills - not even pimples. And I remember my Sport Relief Mile run which took me cross-country for the first time - that was TOUGH. Taking both hills and mud into account, then adding a bit of down time since the previous run, I guess if I was in your running shoes I would probably have bunked out well before the end. I'm so proud that you stuck in there despite everything. And I think that, in lots of ways, the biggest benefit of this programme is the mental side - that desire to not give in and to prove to ourselves that we are better than we think. Hope Poppy and yourself feel better soon and get back into your stride. Listen to uncle Malcy - "you can do it". Now i'm sure I've heard that somewhere before?


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