Couch to 5K

Expensive Beginners Mistake

After years of being unhealthy i decided to go for it and start the couch to 5k after months of thinking about it.

First week went well, i actually managed the 60 sec (just) which was a surprise. To reward myself i decided to buy some nice running trainers, but instead of doing any research, i bought a nice shiny pair without any advice.

Week 2 run1 went fine until the last 90 sec run when i started to get a little pain.

Week 2 run 2 owwweeeee.

If i'd done a little reading on here first, i;d have seen the need to choose the correct pair of trainers. Even doing the wet foot test i can now see that i have a very high arch and so the support trainers were really the wrong idea!!

Looks like my beautiful trainers will be going on ebay and i'm going to have to save up to buy another pair in a couple of months, this time after consulting a proper running shop!!!!

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Probably loads of people have made that mistake. Who knows when you start out, that trainers are specific for foot type? Not me! Normal shoes aren't!


The saddest thing was that i already loved them and am absolutely gutted that i won't be going out in them again.


Hi I went to The Sweat Shop and they do lots of tests to make sure you get the correct shoes for you. Pretty expensive, so next time I am going to wait for a sale. We have had lots of independents closing so choice of shop is limited. It seems Sports Direct have taken over the world!


sensible to get them sorted as the last thing you want is an injury.... Hope you get some equally lovely ones :)


Sweatshop is great wouldn't recommend any other sports chain,sweatshop have an on sale section too or sometimes a whole sale shop,you can get the trainers you need for £30 to £40.staff in other sports shops seemed to be just trying to flog expensive trainers and no knowledge of gait or feet pronating.good luck!


Another vote for SweatShop. I thought they were excellent.


Sadly, a lot of newcomers to running aren't aware of the need for correct shoes - that's where this forum comes in. You will always get good advice and information here. It's also wise to avoid general sports or 'outdoor' type shops even if they have a treadmill for gait analysis because the staff are not runners and not particularly well trained. I recently had someone recommending a shoe to me (I was only browsing anyway) without knowing anything about my gait - even though I was standing right next to their treadmill at the time! I pulled him for that though and walked out of the shop. It's not worth risking injury for the sake of a pair of shoes even if they can seem expensive at times. Good luck with finding some better trainers and best wishes.


Oh well, got to look on the positive side, i'm currently really down that i can't go out for a run as my arch on my foot is very sore. I never thought i'd see the day that i'd be disappointed to not run!!

I'll rest for a few days, go back to my old trainers that have never caused me any problems and hopefully head to a decent specialised running shop after my next pay day.


I bought my first pair online and they lasted 600+ miles so I guess I got lucky. Maybe you can trade in your old pair ?

Went to a running shop for my replacement pair and had (free) gait analysis, which for anyone who hasn't done it essentially means running barefoot on a treadmill while someone records you on video. They just need to see your feet and ankles so no need to go in your running clothes.

They play the footage (no pun intended) back to you and explain what it is showing and what that means for you.


Get your gait analysis done and then look in the sales at last year's styles. Often they are just as good, but can be a fraction of the price.

Good luck, and keep running.


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