Couch to 5K

W8R2 complete!

Hi, first post here, but have been using this forum for a month or so and have picked up some excellent tips...loving this program in spite of having not done anything vaguely athletic since leaving school 25 odd years ago. Totally surprised myself as all bar the first week (had to repeat it as could only manage 20mins first 2 times) have followed it verbatim and apart from a few aches I feel pretty good! Currently looking into getting a garmin to maintain my enthusiasm after week 9 ends...

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Go you! :-)

Haven't done the Garmin thing. Bit of a technophobe. Then again got lost yesterday so some sort of map/tracking thingy might be handy.


Welcome and well done for getting so far, especially without us lot on here! A Garmin would make a lovely graduation present!


Welcome! I thoroughly endorse the Garmin idea. Once you have it you'll need to keep going out on runs to justify to your other half why you bought it in the first place. Having one definitely incentivises you to run (if only for all the wrong reasons) ;)


Brilliant well done, and glad you have found the forum helpful :)


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