That was a tough one ... this is a clockwise circuit and with two laps of the boating lake, is the official Park Run circuit for Pontefract.

The whole of the right side is uphill, fair enough the left side was down hill :-( I was actually trying to maintain a 6:30(ish) pace today, just to see if I could do it, and I did, just about ... fluctuated a little, but 6:46 isn't that far off. Would have been nice to do that extra lap of the boating lake and complete 5k but my legs didn't have it in them and I thought better of it. Another run to complete week 8, then its onto week 9 and the 30 minute runs ...

Goodness, where have all those weeks gone, and where did out of breath, red faced hobbling idiot go ...

My running is much easier now, as evidenced by the time I spend running, the distance I can cover and my recover time ... on top of that I have lost almost two stone in weight .... can't be bad ....

Thank you Couch to 5k for getting me this far, just a little bit further please .... ;-)


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19 Replies

  • I'm not surprised..!! Were you on a skateboard...??? 😳

    Well done..!! 🤗

  • Have updated the post ... needed the picture from my phone ....

  • Updating the post didn't make you any slower 😂

    Well done, really well done..!! And losing 2st is amazing... I've managed to put on 2lb 😳

    Good luck with your final run of W8 😊

  • Crikey that really is some pace you're running at and moving into the home straight now

  • Thanks rolysmate I don't seem to be able to run much slower, so I've stopped trying. Must be my natural rhythm ;-)

    Not for now ...

  • Though I bet if you slowed it down you'd have the legs for that 5k

  • Congratulations! Sounds like you're having a blast. Quite nippy too :-)

  • Fantastic Christene !

    Really Well done to you on the weight loss too !

    You’re doing great , keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Wow well done that was a sprint and great weight loss as well 😘🏃👏

  • Thank you, didn’t seem like a sprint when I got passed by other runners, they made it look like I was in reverse .. 😂

    It’s all about the time just now, speed and distance I can work on later ... got 3 30 minute runs to conquer yet ... 🙄

  • Great running Christene, you will be doing that 5k very soon.😊x

  • Thanks Jan, all in good time, my main objective is complete the program, the 30 minute runs are only a few days away ... 😬

  • Oh so close......5k here you come!!! It won't be long now.......

  • Thank you, I think the 5k will be next week, might even have a go at it for my graduation run, if I get that far ... 🙄😊

  • Brilliant- It's all going really well and very speedy too!

  • Thank you Helen, I don’t seem to have much choice with the speed, just going with the flow, it seems to be my natural rhythm that’s dictating it ... so I tried to embrace it ... 😊😂

  • Wow well done you are doing brilliantly well and what am amazing weight loss. Just over a week or so and you will have done it, completed and graduated. What a fab journey we are all on! xx

  • Thank you @Virginia60 on top of that I’m actually enjoying it, so it must have affected me mentally too 😂😂😂

  • I know I cant believe I am actually running and also that I am enjoying it! This is really a completely different mind change for me and the great feeling I get after a run is amazing xx

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