Hubbie says I'm not allowed to mention the r** word for one day

Hubbie says I'm not allowed to mention the r** word for one day

He says I never stop talking about running. He says I'm obsessed- I am. I talk about the runs I've done & the runs im going to do, running in the rain and the sun, up hill and down dale, though the plantations, along the railway line, on holiday, in the morning runs and when he gets home from work runs. I'm not allowed to mention the r** word in this house for a whole day. So anyways, I went for a GALLOP this morning and got a PB! 😜


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  • Before I became a runner I couldn't understand why in the name of God every single person that was running always had to manage to talk about it - in any sort of conversation - from the mundane to the most philosophical!

    Now not only I understand but I do it too!


  • I know, it's no longer a hobby - turning into a lifestyle!!

  • Along these lines -- this video could only be understood by fellow runners !! :)

    I just love the coloured powder bit - my friends would not get that at all

  • Brilliant! :)

  • Excellent! And sadly fairly accurate!

  • I'm only on W4 R1 and I've noticed I'm talking about it very often too! :-o In the office, on a visit to my parents, with my friend last night. And they sit there listening and I can tell they're thinking "she's gone mad". I don't know what's got into me!

  • yes its the new topic of conversation here too, think i may throw in the word GALLOP mid way through one of my 'about my running' conversations and see if anyone notices, that way i will know if there actually listening to me rambling on yet again !!

  • I can commiserate. I get the same. The eyes glaze over and if I don't stop talking, eventually they shut and the head drops. Then the snoring begins. If I suggest that running is good for fitness and LOSING WEIGHT I get abuse. And I get rolling of the eyes when I explain that the shoes were so cheap. I wouldn't have bought them if they were full price :)

  • That's why it's so good on here - everyone understands and is actually interested!!!

  • sorry what was that, did you say something?

    *sniggers behind hand*

    couldnt resist...

  • You're not banned from saying run on here. We won't grass on you :)

  • I do admit I get my regular fix on here!

  • I get a fix on here too. Not many people interested in the R word around me. My brother loves running but he runs a marathon every few weeks so I feel a bit inadequate talking about my 5km here and there.

    Not sure about galloping. I'm more of a canter kind of girl. :-)

  • Ha ha ha! I so get this. I have to make a real conscious effort not to bore my hubby and friends rigid about running so I just come on here instead! Well done on the gallop and the PB though!

  • Yay Well done Sparky , Congratulations on a PB , Brilliant ! :-)

    I am exactly the same, any opportunity to talk about running and that's it , Im off , blah, blah, blah, yadda ,yadda , yadda , theres no stopping me ! ha ha

    That's what I love about this place so much, as we all get it and all understand how much it means to us :-) xxx

  • Run, run, run, run, run. Yay I love your post, says it all. Well done on the PB x :-)

  • I love talking about Running, have you all noticed how some peoples eyes glaze over when the R word is spoken. That would have been me before April, luckily more people are interested than not. People are also interested to know why I suddenly have that glow! And at 56 no I am not pregnant!

  • Neeeigghhh... you didnt surely not???

    * fancy a sugar lump post gallop*?

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