A serious question for you experienced runners and a less serious but interesting to me one!

Ok, so I just love Laura's encouragement and feedback. However, there is one thing she said at the beginning and then just recently, which was that when you run, you should land on your heel. I have been nerdy and googled it, and everything I am reading says this is WRONG! What do people think? Especially as found link that says Roger Bannister ran in thin leather slippers (and whole gait analysis, padded trainer thing is pants, as he never got any kind of injury so the wholev best running shoe for you is rubbish) so where, if any where, does this leave us with the how to run issue? Appreciate your thoughts. On a less pressing issue, as we go on to longer runs, feel I might be happier ditching Laura's music choice and running with mt Seventies rock faves. Or do I still need her guidance through the prog? Advice please!


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  • I have no idea of shoes gait analysis or injury

    but if you want help on that 70's running tape let me know :-)

    how about you start with Barclay James Harvest Child of the Universe :-)

  • Sounds good! Was also thinking The Boss, Led Zeppelin, plus Bowie, And some more disco type stuff. Was definitely the best decade!

  • yeah baby .... Free, Neil young, argent .....funkadelic, spryogrya omg I'm reliving my youth

  • Ah, another child of the seventies!

  • If you go to the pinned posts on the right of the page you'll find the NHS Guides to how to run and stretch correctly. The advice on there is more up to date than the podcasts and advises mid-foot strike. The guides are well worth a read as they're full of good advice and information.

    On the subject of Lovely Laura's music, yes you could opt out and listen to your own music but you'd definitely miss lots of advice and, more importantly, the full authentic, genuine c25k experience (and you won't meet Julie either!)

  • Ha, ok . Will try to meet Julie!

  • Great choice! :)

  • you will regret that decision lol 😁

  • Oh, dear. Why is that? Am intrigued!

  • Noooo not Julie!!!!!

  • And thanks for the guidance to the mid foot strike!

  • Agree withAncientmum about the heel strike - I think go with what is natural for you, and for most this is landing mid foot. Re Laura: If you download the NHS C25k Change for Life app (the yellow logo rather than the green) from here


    you should be able to play your own music with Laura's support. That's what I did last year anyway. I got the android app. Hope this helps.πŸ™‚

  • Oh, just clicked on the link on that page and it's not working!! Think they have had a change, which is a shame as I liked listening to my own music when I did C25k. SorryπŸ˜•

  • No problem, thanks for the guidance about mid foot. It chimes with what I was reading!

  • No idea on gait analysis etc. I got some asics from TK Maxx for Β£25 and they're great. Just finished week 7 and haven't met Laura at all. I quite like the idea of listening to music so once I've completed the programme I might dust off the ipod :-)

  • Like the idea of an alternative approach to the programme. No Laura?! All ideas possible in this quest!

  • The NHS Choices c25k (iPhone) app gives you the lovely Laura but without the music so you can listen to your own (Apple Music) music if you want.

    Also, you might find the video in healthunlocked.com/couchto5...... used (my post but wisdom is others).

    Then again, I run in these so you can't take anything I say too seriously :-): healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

  • Nothing is to be taken too seriously! Thanks for the tips!

  • Truly! I've had enough of you and Julie 😊

  • I don't really care

  • I know that's unfair.

  • Going back to Laura's advice, it was the bit about running on the other side of a hedge that always made me giggle.

  • Yeah me too! While shouting "you and Julie, you and Julie"!

  • I love how a lot of Laura's songs sound suspiciously like popular songs but not so much to get sued. I swear in week 9 they've got one that is 90% Daft Punk

  • going to run to this evening :-)

    cant bear JOOLIE anymore :-)

  • Ok, so guess this Julie thing is some kind of in joke! Good luck all, and just let's all keep running!

  • Great news for everyone who hasn't used the podcasts! Someone has put it up on youtube. Go on and search "you and Julie". Should be the first one that comes up. heading something like you-and-Julie. Soundtrack Orel i Reshka. Doesn't matter, you just need the song. Don't wimp out now.

  • Interesting. Thank you!

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