First time 5k training

Been training for my first 5k i am on week 5 run 2 and the 2nd round of 8 minutes i had to walk a couple times for about 15 seconds. First time i had to walk outside of the plan. I guess trying to maintain a 10min pace was too much ive been able to do that on all the other runs. Feels pretty pathetic but i guess smoking on and off for 25 years didnt help. I quit before i started its been 49 days no cigs and 54 days no alcohol. I dont even know if this is good or not? I know 60 hear Olds that run marathons. I know 55 year olds that are running these 5ks at 7 min paces. Does it ever truly improve? Every workout has been hard.


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6 Replies

  • Trust the programme - every single step makes you stronger. Well done on quitting the fags, that's a huge stride.

  • First off, you are doing brilliantly! Getting off the couch is hard, combining it with giving up other vices is doubly laudable - so well done!

    Secondly, forget ALL about speed. Speed WILL come later. The program is all about building stamina - that has to come first. When I first finished the program it took me 45 mins to run 5k - I'm now sub-30 (never thought I'd say that!)...and, yes, I am in one of those older categories (well, almost).

    Slow things down until you can run and talk at the same time - that's a good pace to run at and if you get tempted to walk, just slow it down some more, just keep going! I'm guessing you are running on a treadmill. If you are, my advice would be to move outside! Running outside, you will be less focused on time (but don't be surprised if you find the first couple of runs harder as you learn to set your own pace).

    Keep going, you are doing great - just slow it down for now!

  • I would ditch the quest for speed at this stage. It is bad news so go slowly

    If you go nice and steady you will have enough puff to finish the session and you will not get hurt.

    Good for you giving up the booze and fags. You'll never regret it. Eating healthy and giving your diet an overhaul will also help you no end. You feel rejuvenated when you do. You'll certainly put a spring back into your step

    Good luck with the rest of the sessions!

  • Thank you i will definitely take all of your advice and slow it down a bit. Sigh

  • I slowed it down to about 2:35 per lap and also rested up for 2 days before i reran week 5s run 2 and it was surprisingly not a problem at all. Finished strong! Thank you guys! Your encouragement and advice gave me a lift. Tuesday will be my first 2 mile jog without stopping for the first time in my life! Looking forward to it.

  • It doesn't matter if you are faster or slower than other folk......just aim to get faster than you were before. Let's face it, none of us are going to catch Mo Farah, but there is no reason to feel despondent about that and as is often said on are faster (and fitter) than those still on the sofa.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

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