I have actually run 5k😀

Went for my first run today with my Garmin forerunner ( thank you all for your advice on that one, it is so easy to use). I was wanting to see if I was anywhere near 5k after the 30 mins. Turns out that after 36 mins I had done 5.7 km (despite wicked sunburn thanks to spending the day at my daughters school for sports day). Sure I could have given the four year olds a run for their money 😂I am relieved to know I am at 5k mark so this is me shouting from the rooftops x

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  • Yay! Well done you!

  • Well done, great time.👏🐵

  • Blimey, that is a great pace! Very well done. Do you find the Forerunner motivates you more to challenge yourself as you can instantly see what distance you've done? Picture please,might work on me!

  • this was my first run where I could record my distance accurately so that in itself was motivation to move my weary self a bit faster 😏 But I found as well that if I see I've run something point three km I think 'oh I might as well keep going for the next point seven' so yes I found that motivational too

  • Hooray, well done you!! I did my first 5k last night. Amazing feeling isn't it!

  • That sounds like excellent time to me! Well done!

  • Well done lornia, must feel good to hit that 5k mark. Which forerunner did u buy? I'm looking at the 230

  • I bought the forerunner 10 because I just wanted to track distance and it had to be easy for me to use. Also, since I am so new to running and still can't quite believe I'm doing it, I didn't want anything too expensive in case I didn't stick with it. This little watch is perfect for me and does everything I'll ever need it to for £70

  • Woohoo!! Well done, nothing beats that feeling! Go you! 🎉🎉🎉😀

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