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Insecure first time runner just started couch to 5k


30 year old self conscious first time runner. At 6’5” and flat footed I’m very insecure about my running style, hence going to the park at 5:50am this morning to have a go at C25K. School PE and passing comments when younger have a lot to answer for. Must admit I was pleasantly surprised that I kept up with the pace of the first run/walk, although it didn’t feel natural. Does that get better? Watched a YouTube vid re technique tips. Most aching at the mo is from calves and hips. Also toes were rubbing throughout. Do I consider 5 finger toe socks or spend more on shoes?! Any hints/tips or comments welcome, I know I need to keep this up!

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Well done for getting started. It definitely gets better as you move through the programme, but don’t worry if your running style is different to others - we're all different and you'll learn what works for you. Footwear? Get some proper running socks (about £13 for 5 pairs from Amazon) and good trainers.

Thanks Mike! 👍


Very well done. Hardest run is out the way. Don’t let those voices from the past pull you back there!

Feet are your most important friends as a runner so treat them to some good shoes and running socks


If you have flat feet, then finding the right shoes is going to be crucial for you. It's possible that you might need some inserts as well. Since you're tall, you're naturally going to be carrying more weight than us vertically challenged ones, and that means there will be a greater impact on your feet.

I really do recommend you visit a good running shop and get a gait analysis done so that they can recommend what is best for you.

As for school PE, I can sympathise. It shamed me into doing no exercise for many decades. However, those demons can gradually be silenced provided you learn how to be gentle with yourself through your C25K journey :)

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That’s really useful advice, thanks


Welcome.. check this post out with some really helpful links in it:)

Check the sections on how to run this C25K, and on shoes:) Next to you..your shoes and socks ( More Mile are my choice), are your best asset..

Then.. steady, slow, post often and most of all enjoy!!!

I restarted at W1R1 this morning, hiding in my local woods, at about the same time as you! Well done for getting out. I too bear the scars of school PE but actually enjoy choosing to do exercise. Best of luck!


Well done for getting out there ! I am also flat footed apparently, or so the foot doctor told me. (never bothered me in 51 years then I started getting ankle pain?). Anyway I ordered some insoles online which were less that a third of the price he quoted me, feel a bit odd to start with, but a few months in and I wear them all the time now (inc running) and no more pain. Don’t worry on how you look running .... at least you are running ! Carry on at your own pace.


Echo all the above and just to add I was advised to go half a size to a size bigger than normal for my running shoes - really helped 😊

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