First 5k Parkrun Complete - Weymouth

Feeling quite smug :) just completed my first 5k parkrun, not sure of the time yet but im not too bothered, i think i was around 38 mins. I was due to do W6 Run 3 today so i put it on and ran the 5k with Laura talking to me for comfort :) i did walk some sections but i am so happy to have completed my first 5K

Very well organised run, I really enjoyed it and will be there next weekend, thanks to all the volunteers looking after the 110 runners.

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  • Great stuff! I'm hoping to do my first Parkrun next week

  • Good luck on your first Parkrun next week

  • Nice one, well done!!

  • That's great ollie, well done. Doing that while in week 6 is a great achievement - just remember not to overdo it now, keep on enjoying the running.

    I haven't done a parkrun yet - on my to-do list!

    Good luck with the rest of the programme :) xx

  • Wow Oliiemin! I'm impressed. I have volunteered a few times and know what a friendly bunch the Parkrunners are, but haven't plucked up the courage to run yet.

    I was going to leave it until I graduated, but you have inspired me and i might give it a go next week. Only issue is my local Parkrun is a bit hilly and I am used to running on the flat. Still, as you say, the time doesn't matter, just doing the 5k is the achievement.

  • Well done! Time doesn't matter (although it's always nice to know what it is ;) ) but you have done 5k which is brilliant :D

  • Well done!! I also did my first Parkrun this morning, they're great aren't they?! Although I wasn't brave enough to try it while still doing the programme, I waited until a couple of weeks after graduating. I bet it must feel great to already have 5K under your belt at this stage in the programme.

  • Just found out my time... 35m32s, i came 162 out of 189.

  • Well done for being brave enough to give it a go. Now you've put down a time you'll have something to compare your next run to and see your progress between now and graduation. Fab...Happy running...

  • brill...well done you, isn't Parkrun just fabulous :)

  • Wow! And you haven't even graduated? I dream of that kind of time, well done Ollie xx

  • great run

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