At last, the "yay" moment

I have only written one post before and it was basically saying how hard I had found each week and when would I have the "yay" moment. I have just completed W9R3 and had that moment. It was the first run where I felt I could run and enjoyed it. It was very slow and nowhere near the 5k but I now know I can do it and will build on what I've done. I must say that each and every day I read all the posts(new and old) and found them a great help. There was always something that related to how I felt or what I had done and the replies gave me hope and reassurance that I could finish and feel good. Thank you all to the post writers and the responders to the posts that have helped me complete what I never thought I could do


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  • Well done jwiz!

    That's a tremendous achievement, going from being a non-runner to running for 30 minutes and this is only the start....

    Now don't forget to get your Graduation Badge.

  • Thank you, something to build on and can't wait. I now have my badge :-)

  • Congratulations!!! πŸ˜€

  • Thank you :-)

  • Congratulations. Go you! :-)

    I had a YAY run yesterday too after a few "bad" ones. All we have to do is keep going. :-)

  • Thank you and Yes, the Yay moment does eventually come and what a feeling

  • Yay is the word - congratulations and enjoy it!

  • Thank you :-)

  • I agree - it has taken me quite a few attempts at wk9 before I actually found myself enjoying the run - have to go off now & get my medal!

  • Well done to you :-)

  • Congratulations, very happy for you! :) well done for keeping at it!

  • Thank you, was very difficult at times but its great when you get that moment

  • I agree with you about wk 9 - it has taken me quite a few attempts before I actually enjoyed it - have to go now - off to claim my medal!

  • GO YOU!

    Well done and congratulations. It's a great feeling and while you may not get that feeling every run, you will get it more, the more you run! What's next? Parkrun?

  • Thank you, I live in US and there are only 3 parkruns over here!!! nearest is an hour and half away which I am going to get to once I feel comfortable enough to run at a decent speed. they only have about 20-30 runners there and all run a pretty quick time. Don't want to hold them up!

  • I agree - no matter what the question, someon will have the answer and because there is always someone who is at the same point as you or just past it they will no exactly what you are going through. I am now on this site more than the BBC news site.

  • This forum has been invaluable to me and such a help

  • Congrats on your "yay"! And congrats on your graduation, your journey can take you where ever you want now. Don't forget your badge, you've earned it XX

  • Thank you, I now have my badge :-)

  • And very fine it looks too! XX

  • Wahay! Congratulations and celebrations, I want the world to know I;m happy as can be, tra la la la. Bit of Cliffy babe there for ya

    Well done, you nailed it. Great stuff. On to C25k+ podcasts now then? Bask in your Graduation glory today though. We'll give you a rest day today. Treat yourself to something gorgeous from the running shop

  • Haha, already treated myself to some nice running clothes. Thanks for the congratulations

  • Well done, that's amazing. I'm just moving onto wk2 and its really inspirational to read your post, thanks

  • Thank you. The posts will be a big help to you susie, keep running and reading

  • Well done πŸ˜€ it's great when you get that yay moment love it xx

  • Such a great feeling. Thank you :-)

  • Well done you. Yay moment is a good description. Now keep going, work towards the actual 5k, then 6........ And don't forget to stretch and have rest day.

    Go to the ice cream shop and get yourself a fantastic ice cream, pistachio or rhum and raisin.....

  • Had Raspberry and Choc chip and yes, now on to achieving the 5k. Thank you for the congratulations

  • Yay!! Well done. Great work.

  • Thank you :-)

  • You have already done a great job, so happy for you !

  • Thank you :-)

  • Congratulations and here's to the next goal!

  • Thank you, 5k is my next goal :-)

  • Woohoo!

    I think I replied to your first post.

    My sentiments about running were summed up perfectly, by curlygurly2 I think, "when can I stop?" And then, "when can I do that again?"

  • Haha, so true :-)

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