W5r3 - the verdict

Well - I only went and bloom in' did it, ha ha!

I was a little nervous before the run started, for some bizarre reason. Once it started, it actually felt ok - I tried to think of everything BUT the fact that I had 20mins of running ahead of me! Listening to my own music really helped, as I found myself silently singing along to the words, which distracted me a little from what I was doing. About 8mins in, the gremlin on my shoulder started to make me doubt. But I tried to focus on how I was feeling, physically, in that moment, that I had a pattern going with my breathing and a rhythm going, and that my legs felt ok, and it made it easier, because I felt fine. Finished with a big grin on my face, and then my legs felt detached from my body for the warm down!!

For all of you who have it to come - if you have done all the work leading up to it, then you can definitely DEFINITELY do it, so don't doubt yourself!

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  • Well done, I'm on wk5r2 next so it's drawing near . Great to hear from someone who has done it well done you ! .

  • Well done!!! I did the run tonight too. I checked my watch and was surprised 5 mins had already gone by. I agree, your own music really helps. Once you are in the rhythm, your body just kind of goes by itself - lol

  • Well done! I did mine tonight too! It really is true what everyone says, you can do it! It felt so much better than I thought it would. Can we call ourselves runners yet???

  • Well done...I got through that run last week and was SURE I wouldn't be able to do it but I just kept saying.. One more minute then I'll see how I feel. And that seemed to work, and the chocolate I promised my self after it, however now I am supposed to go out in the morning and do W6R2 and I am already worried....

    But nothing beats how I felt after the 20min run..

    And do you still have Laura speaking when u play your own music? How do you do that?

  • Well done mugsy. Glad to hear you've got a big grin on your face. Long may it last.

  • Well done! Fantastic job!!! You should be super proud!

  • Thanks everyone ;) and Esthersmummy, I think we've definitely earned calling ourselves runners now! Suelyn, I downloaded an app on my iphone called Change for life couch to 5k, it's definitely worth it, so much easier running t your own tunes!

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