Finally got some running shoes

Finally got some running shoes

Decided that after doing W5R3 the 20 minute milestone I would get some proper road running shoes, so I went to Up and Running. Despite the fact that I parked at entirely the wrong end of town having remembered its location wrong, and feeling very nervous about going to a proper running shop when I have only been doing C25K for a month, I pushed the door open and in I went.

The other customer was a chap who does marathons around the world... I still didn't let that put me off. Laura (yes, Laura!) was very vey helpful. I had to go on the dreadmill - a total bรชte noir!- but discovered that I have neutral gait with minor over pronation on the left but not worth worrying about or adjusting anything for.

I tried four pairs of shoes ending up with the second pair- the beautiful blue Mizunos weren't quite as good for my high arches as the Brooks Ghost 7s. Once I had made my choice I braced for price, only to find out that Up and Running were doing a bargain bundle on this running shoe!

Came away with new shoes, socks, capris and T shirt- and a big big grin ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

So a big thank you to the lovely, friendly, welcoming people at Up and Running, and a very Happy Saturday everyone!

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  • Oooh, lovely! I bought my shoes from up and running and you're right, they are very friendly in there and threw in a pair of running socks for free.

    You're giving me the urge to go out and treat myself to some new running gear now... ;-)

  • Do it ;)

  • Wow! Nothing will stop you now. How much did the shoes cost??

  • It was ยฃ85 for everything, JoolieB - I thought that wasn't bad ?!!

  • Wow, that is a good deal! They're lovely shoes! What does it say on the t-shirt? Only here for the running?

  • Only happy when I'm running! (exclamation mark included!)- in my case I'm not sure if I can wear it without an ironic smile ๐ŸŒ

    I'm definitely promoting Up&Running here- I think they get people going in trying shoes, getting gait analysed, and then actually buying on the internet. I thought that was a pretty good price, it's a bargain deal they have going on so go and grab a bundle!

  • Thanks, I was thinking of the old TV commercial - I'm only here for the beer! (showing my age)

  • Loving the shoes, the outfit and the price!

  • They're fab! I got new shoes at the end of week 6- my first proper pair of running shoes- and I also went to an 'Up and Running' shop. They were so helpful and the new shoes have definitely improved my running. Love all your extra goodies too! Enjoy :-)

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