Old shoes (for AM)

Old shoes (for AM)

Following AncientMum's post, here are my much loved Mizunos. Some of you will remember the problems I had getting shoes that didn't aggravate my foot bump, I love these shoes simply because they allow me to run. They're looking less than pristine white now, we've run over 300K together, and if you include the warm up/down walks I reckon they are about half way through their life. No worries though, I found them online and bought TWO pairs for when these give up the ghost!


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16 Replies

  • Lovely and worn CG! Love that blue.

  • Good thinking to buy two pairs. You might want to break the second pair in gently BEFORE these ones are completely worn out - that way you can do it slowly and gently to extend that lovely feeling of new shoes :)

  • Yes, I am using two pairs here alternating them. The others I've broken in a bit too, they're waiting for me back in Blighty!

  • So that means you've got at least three pairs on the go? I'm impressed! Maybe I should get reincarnated as a woman in my next life so I can have plenty of shoes ;)

  • Yes! I was pretty sure I would need new shoes before I left France in Autumn, with little or no chance of getting a good deal here, or even finding any shoes at all, so wanted to buy shoes while I was in UK for a few weeks in June. When I saw 2 pairs for not much more than one pair - how could I resist! I only brought one of the new pairs with me here for the summer, I've got some lovely pink ones waiting in Cambridge for when I get back. You too can be a woman Tomas, just buy as many shoes as you want!

  • Nah, while I could buy plenty of shoes, I would look crap in heels and a skirt. Just don't have the legs for it. So no womanhood for me ;)

  • Ah, a fellow Mizuno wearer. Have to say, yours are a wee bit more tasteful than mine. Can't think who thought acid yellow, white and purple were a good combo. Id forgotten you had all that foot bump trouble earlier in the year. Good to know you've got these beauties (and their siblings waiting in the cupboard) to take care of your tootsies x

  • I had to spray them with shoe stretcher and wedge an egg cup inside, but they work! I tried so many pairs before I found these I thought I would never get any shoes that didn't hurt, these are not fast but I can run! I got them in peppermint green, and pink too!

  • Hmmmmm.... that's an interesting concept, some shoes being faster than others. Which ones did you find fast? I've only ever had my Mizunos and a cheapo pair of Karrimors). xx

  • The shoes that brought up my lump! I called them my magic shoes, I made so many PBs with them. They were Brooks Adrenalin, and so pretty I wouldn't put them upstairs with my running gear I wanted to look at them all the time! Sods law they should hurt my foot...The Mizunos feel like plodders shoes, they are quite "clompy" if you know what I mean...and they're boring too, in white at least. Still, I am fond of them, we go running together you know!

  • Magic PB shoes, I really like the sound of them :) Perhaps I'll try some Brooks when I need new shoes.

  • Have you still got your foot lump Curly ?

    Did you ever find out what caused it and what it is ? xxx

  • Yes, it's still there, I saw two docs, one said it was a bunion, the other said "funny place for a bunion"! I think it's always been there, you can see some of my ordinary shoes are shaped with it. I guess it's just some kind of deformity - never bothered me before or since though.

  • From what I remember, it looked like one of those ganglion cysts that some people get on their wrists. Glad to hear its not giving you any bother xxx

  • Oh so you think you're going to come to my house and whack it with a bible lol! I saw a video about that on YouTube... I think it's bone, I inherited weird feet and hands from my parents...

  • Ha ha ! :-) xxx

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