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Week 4 nerves

After solid week 3 runs 1 and 2, run 3 was rougher for me. It was extra hot and my calves were extra sore throughout the run. I'm feeling more intimidated to move on to week 4 and add 2 minutes to each run. Yikes! How the heck do I make it through if I was so ready to walk after my 3 minute runs? Tonight's the night. Let's hope I have good news to report in a few.

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Good Luck ! You can do it , just keep doing what you've been doing , it's got you this far ! :-)

Believe in yourself and trust in the programme . Let us know how you go on ! :-) xxx


I never felt ready to move on. But I did. Don't worry about it, just do as Laura says. You're ready and she knows it, even if you don't quite yet.


I made it! It wasn't easy and it wasn't pretty but I made it. And that means I can definitely do it again :)


Yes ! Well done ! :-) xxx


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