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New shoes, old shoes and a homemade medal and PB board :)

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As promised to Ancientmum yesterday here is a picture of the long awaited medal board complete with places for post race photos, PB chalk area, numbers and medals. Made this myself with credit to the hubby for cutting the wood, trim and drilling the holes for the screws, I take credit for the painting, photos, medals and numbers ;) oh and if you're wondering where the marathon PB section is, I didn't add one, 1 HM was enough and I don't need an empty slot to tarnish mentally my accomplishments so if I ever go insane I can add it to the 'other' section in which I'll add the Blaydon race 5.7mile distance too ;)

In other news my house which has been on the market 2 1/2 weeks has sold STC so I can now concentrate on my running again after managing 2 runs in 2 weeks (14 viewings and trying to keep on top of the house was interfering!) So here goes the next chapter, just one small job left to do, find somewhere to move to! 😂

Happy running folks! Today's a good day! :D

16 Replies
goonkeepgoing profile image

I LOVE the board. Brill :) :)

Sounds all good for you at the moment! !!!

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Lovefood1984Graduate in reply to goonkeepgoing

Thanks :) I do like making the odd thing

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Look at that board, what a blummen brilliant idea. clever runner😀

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Lovefood1984Graduate in reply to Sparkyifhungry

Thanks sparky :)

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That's brilliant, well done on making it yourself! I have to admit I copied Rignold and ordered one off ebay. It's nice to be able to display things, keeps us motivated, reminding us what we can do!

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Lovefood1984Graduate in reply to dagshar

I'd seen Rigs one on Amazon & it sparked the idea to make my own, I can't wait to find a wall for it when we move as I love looking at my photos and medals, it's definitely motivating :)

Toonlou24 profile image

Oooooh that's fab!!! How talented are you?!!! Thats great!!! Need a new house to hang it in now!! I have new shoooo envy!!!! Soon!!! Soon!!!! Xx ps I just spied a Tyne Bride photo!!! OMG I have serious envy now!!!!!! I need a photo like that!!! September!!! Here I come!!! Xx

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Lovefood1984Graduate in reply to Toonlou24

That photo was from the Gateshead 10k :) Like you say just need a house to hang it in now.....shame we don't like anything on the market.....ooooops! The GNR is fun too cos you get to run across the Tyne bridge :D

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Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Lovefood1984

I'm just doing the 5k one on the sat! I will run over that bridge one day!!!! Happy house hunting! Xx

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It looks smashing! Very professional job there, and well done to hubby for getting the trim so neat. I really like that you have included pictures, that brings it to a whole new level. It is, to put it simply, brilliant!

Congrats also on the house. That must be a huge relief!

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Lovefood1984Graduate in reply to Tomas

Major relief, panic now is we don't like anything that's on the market :) Least I can look at my new frame for the time being and enjoy it!

poppypug profile image

Wow , that looks amazing !

Aw I can see the photo of you and your dad in pride of place ! :-) Is he still running ?

Brilliant , Well done , and Good Luck with the house hunting ! :-) xxx

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Lovefood1984Graduate in reply to poppypug

Thanks pops :) He's still running :D whipped my ass at the Blaydon race this impressed with how fast he can run!

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I bought something similar for hubby rob and his westie, but your homemade one is just as good if not better! Clever you! Are you taking orders?

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Lovefood1984Graduate in reply to Baileyb

Not at the was hard to make it around house viewings.....kept having to hide it :D Have loads of paint left though, think I could make a fair few from a small tin!

Baileyb profile image

Bless you I wasn't being serious, but will take you up on it none the less. You get yourself into a new property first, I really appreciate the offer though. No hurry at all.

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